Week of October 21, 2018

Week of October 21, 2019

Hello Parents,

Here are a few calendar items I want you to know about for this week.  First, this week is Red Ribbon Week. I don’t have much information about it yet, but hopefully more information will come soon. Next, Tuesday is picture day. Please read at the end of the blog post for more information on frequently asked questions the office managers get regarding picture day. Lastly, Thursday the “Box Top” store will be opened from 11am to 1pm. We will take our AM kids with box tops to the store just before we go to recess. We will take the PM kids with box tops soon after they arrive at school. For those of you who might not know what the Box Top store is, it is when the children bring in all their saved and cut out ‘Box Tops for Education” coupons from participating products (go to boxtops4education.com for more information) and use the points like money to ‘buy’ different items within their point range. Don’t worry if you have not been saving box tops yet. They have a Box Top store every month and you can just start saving them from here on out. Also, ask friends and grandparents to save their box tops also. The school receives money from the box tops to purchase things they need.

This week we will continue to reinforce our understanding of and ability to being proactive as we work on Habit 1 of The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. We will also continue to learn more about maps and map making. We will learn the parts of a spider and the parts of a leaf and do more “Day and Night” activities. We have been learning about secondary colors and on Friday, we will do some Jackson Pollock paintings with primary and secondary colors.

Picture Day 

Does every student get their picture taken? Yes. This is for fall pictures as well as the yearbook

Do the students bring anything with them (i.e. order forms or money) Yes they can, but please order online. Any money will be handed directly to the photographer as the office is not permitted to take money.

Does every student need to be in dress code? YES!!! Again, this will go in the yearbook, so every student should be in dress code. Please no hats or funny head wear.

What happens if I do not receive my photos or if they are wrong? Please reach out to lifetouch with the number on the flyer. The office can not do anything regarding parent orders.

Will there be a retake day? Yes, Re-take day is on November 14, but please encourage your students to have their picture done next week so we do not miss anyone.

Here are some pictures from last week and from the Oaklawn Park fieldtrip. Enjoy!



Thanks for your support,

Ms.Martha and Ms. Valerie




Week of October 14, 2019

Hello Parents,

We have a couple of requests for this next week. First of all, we will be having our leaf party on Wednesday, October 16th. If you have trees that are dropping their leaves, this would be a great time to have a leaf raking party at your house and then send those big bag of leaves to us for our party. Please send them sooner than later so we have an idea of how many leaves we still need. The next request is that our classroom parakeets would love some more treats. They really love “Millet spray”. Here is the link-


This is a short week. We have Fall Break October 17th and 18th. There will be NO SCHOOL those two days. On Monday we will continue to work on Habit One or on being pro active. We will act out a fun story of how Pete the Cat shows how to be pro active. On Tuesday, we will extend our study of map making by focusing on cardinal directions and the compass rose. And as I said earlier, Wednesday we will have our leaf party. There will be several “leaf” activities that the children can choose from. They are free to come and go to the activities as they wish. It will be a fast but fun week!

One more thing we feel is important to mention; if ever your child brings birthday invitations to school, please ask them not to hand them out personally, but rather ask a teacher to help them put the invitations in the students backpack discretely. That way, if not all children are invited, no one gets their feelings hurt.


Thank you and have a great weekend!

Ms. Martha and Ms. Valerie



Week of October 7, 2019

Hello Parents,

Thanks to all of you who helped in anyway with the field trip and the Fall Festival . These wonderful events are not possible without your contributions of time and resources. This week we will continue our studies of day and night; leaves; invertebrates; secondary colors, and being proactive. Here are some pictures of a few of our friends working this week. Enjoy! 


Dear Parents,

Looking at the Fall Festival this Friday, October 4th, we are still in need of candy donations and help with running the booth. Any time or items you are able to donate counts towards your volunteer hours for the year. Each class has been asked to put together a game for the festival. Our class will be doing a pumpkin ring toss and another game. We still need parent volunteers to cover the pumpkin ring toss booth from 6-6:30pm and from 6:30- 7pm; and any volunteers for the other game will be greatly appreciated.  We also need candy donations to give out as prizes. Any questions, please contact Andrea McMahan at (951)634-7566 and Kami Johnson at (702) 355-5238 or kami.leah.johnson@gmail.com. Remember this counts toward your service hours. This is also a great time for the children to get to dress up in costumes, as we do not get to dress up on Halloween.

Candy donations can be given to Andrea at drop of or pick up or sent to class with your child any day up to Friday.

Also, we still are in need of a few items for our fieldtrip to Oaklawn Park on Friday, if you would like to donate, please sign up. Here is the link: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/events 

Thank you,


Week of September 30, 2019

Week of September 30, 2019 

Hello Parents,

We just finished the last of our peace lessons but will continue practicing the skills that we have learned. We will now begin learning the skills from The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. For the month of October, we will be working on Habit One- Be Proactive. In geography, we will learn about maps. In biology, we will introduce the concept of vertebrates and invertebrates and also learn about leaves. In science, we will learn about what makes day and night. Friday, we will be at Oaklawn Park for a day filled with fun activities (more info below). Later that night at the school will be our annual Fall Festival for families and friends.

Oaklawn Park

 The address to Oaklawn Park is 1200 E. 2500 N. North Ogden, UT 84414. Please send your child with a jacket and a water bottle. Drop off AM students at 9:00 and pick them up at 11:30. Drop off PM students at 12:00 and pick them up at 2:30. If you have not already signed and returned the permission slip, please do so. Your child may not attend if we don’t have a signed permission slip. We will have a small snack on the fieldtrip. If you would like to sign up to donate something towards it, here is the link (remember you can count 1 hour towards your donated hours every time you donate): https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/502948/edit


Fall Festival information I copied and pasted (please share this information and invitation with your family and friends):

Hey everyone,

With fall festival being next week we wanted to touch base with everyone really quick, and give you some information you may have missed!

The link to purchase wristbands and tickets is here: https://checkout.square.site/buy/I6V2IBMZG2U276NOXMYGFQNN
Wristbands will get you onto the custom event rides (not including the obstacle courses, rock wall, and some slides), the tickets can also be purchased at the same website separately or in packages with wristbands. Tickets are good for carnival games, rock wall, slides, etc. Some vendors will only be taking cash (Jr. Artisan Fair and food trucks).

We are still looking for a lot of help with carnival games! Please sign up on track it forward here: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/501254 If you are able to help out with that but can’t figure out how to sign up on track-it-forward, email me at this address and I will be happy to find a place for you: mapa@mariamontessoriacademy.org
Without enough volunteers not only will games not be able to stay open to raise money, but rides will also shut down.

I will be getting in touch with room parents and students that signed up for Jr. Artisan Fair to confirm this next week so we can get everything handled before the fair. If anyone has any further questions please feel free to contact the mapa email. Thank you so much for your support this year guys! We appreciate it!

One more thing, we are looking for someone with a pet tarantula. We will soon be learning about invertebrates and then later in October we will begin our study of spiders. What better way to learn about anything than to have a real live specimen?  If you know where we can get our hands on a tarantula, please let us know. We will need it on October 30.

Thank you for your support and have a good weekend!

Ms. Martha and Ms. Valerie

Week of September 23,2019

Hello Parents,

Friday, September 27 is an Early Release Day for Professional Development. All AM students will come to school 8:30-10:30. All PM student will come 11:00-1:00.

Just a reminder that we go outside everyday for recess,  with the exceptions of thunder and lightning, bad air quality days, and when the temperature is “feel like”  20 degrees or below. Please provide your child with clothing appropriate for changing weather conditions.

Please look for the  information and permission slip for the upcoming “Field Experience ” to Oaklawn Park on October 4.  Keep the front page to refer back to and sign and return the back page with your child before October 4. Your child will not be able to participate if we don’t have the permission slip returned.

The free boosterthon T-shirt order forms are due Monday, September 23. If we don’t receive the filled out order form, we will just guess on the size your child would wear.

We will be finishing up our peace lessons this week. We will talk about our emotions and how they change and learn activities we can use to calm ourselves when we are upset.  We will learn to appreciate differences in people, To help the children understand the interconnection and interdependence of the Earth’s elements and life forms, we will create a “Web of Life” as a concrete representation. Lastly, we will create a “Web of Love” to help the children see how their love is connected.

In geography, we will continue our study of land forms. This week our focus will be on Straights and Isthmus. We will learn the different parts of a plant in biology; continue to learn about weather for science; and continue art activities using the primary colors.  For practical life we will learn to peel and slice carrots. If you would like to sign up to bring carrots, here is the link- https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/501320

As always, we thank you for your support and contributions.

Ms. Martha and Ms. Valerie


Week of September 16, 2019

Blog for week of September 16, 2019

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder to return the order form for the free T-shirt by September 23. Also we are in need of a room parent from the afternoon class that could oversee such things as- coordinating rides to/from field trips for those who need assistance, assisting with school wide functions like the fall festival and the Gala, and helping with some of our classroom parties.  If you are interested, please send us an email. Another item to bring attention to is the pick-up line. Please DO NOT call for your child to come to you if that requires them to step off the curb. To keep traffic flowing, especially for morning pick up, please stay in your car and pull all the way forward or park your car and come pick up your child in the front where we wait for their ride. If you have someone else pick up your child, please let them know the expectations of pick-up.

This week, our peace lessons will focus on the positive and negative aspects of the mind and making positive and negative choices; the powers of imagination and concentration; identifying and expressing feelings; and showing empathy. We will learn about the land forms- cape and bay in geography. In biology, we will learn more about how to care for animals, particularly our classroom pets. We will continue studying different types of weather for science; and in art we will have another project using the primary colors.

In practical life we will do orange juice squeezing. Here is the link if you would like to sign up to provide us with some oranges. https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/events

Thank you so much for all you do to help us have meaningful experiences at school.

Ms. Martha and Ms. Valerie

Week of September 9, 2019

Hello Parents,

This week for our peace lessons, we will focus on one of our five senses each day, ending the week with something sweet! As we continue our study of land forms in geography, we will focus on gulfs and peninsulas. In biology, we will learn how to care for the plants in our room as well as learn about the overall needs of a plant. We will learn more about weather in science. In art we will begin our study of Piet Mondrian to go along with learning about the primary colors. For our practical life food preparation, we will be doing apple slicing. If you are willing to supply us with apples, please sign up. Here is the link: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/497746

We thank you for your donations and the other support you give us. Have a good weekend.

Ms. Martha and Ms. Valerie

Week of September 3, 2019

Blog- Week of September 3, 2019

Hello Parents,

Just as a reminder, there is no school on Monday, September 2 because it is Labor Day. On Tuesday we will begin our new reading program, Reading Horizons. Reading groups will take place every day for our kindergarten children. We will continue our peace lessons, focusing on different parts of our bodies and their functions. For Geography, we will begin our study of land forms starting with lakes and islands. In Biology, we will be learning about “Plants vs. Animals.” We will be learning about weather in science, and for art, we will continue doing activities using primary colors.

On Tuesday we will begin some food preparation experiences. We will begin with banana slicing. If you would be willing to bring bananas, please sign up on our track-it-forward page. Here is the link: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/events

Remember there will be a Parent Ed Night on Thursday, September 5 from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Also, please remember to check your child’s backpack daily for important papers that might come home such as screenings for hearing, speech, etc.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the extra day with your family.


Ms. Martha and Ms. Valerie