Blog- April 22, 2019

Hello Parents,

Please remember that Monday is an early release day. Morning class is from 8:30 to 10:30 and afternoon class is from 11:00 to 1:00.

This will be a fun and exciting week! Our kindergarteners will be presenting their bird reports. We will be hearing from about five children each day starting on Tuesday and will continue until Friday. On Friday we will present our participlay to you in the small gym. The morning class will perform at 10:30 am and the afternoon class will be at 2:00 pm. On Wednesday we will make a fruit salad to finish up our study of fruit. Please send your child with a piece or small serving of their favorite fruit such as an apple, small bunch of grapes, slice of watermelon, etc.

Next Monday, April 29, our kindergarten children will be shadowing in their prospective first grade classes.  This will give them an idea of what to expect and look forward to in first grade. This is usually something they really look forward to. They will work with an older child for about one hour and then come back to class.

We are still studying the same units that we started at the beginning of April and will fill in new lessons as time allows, but with the book reports and practicing for our play, I will not be as rigid with the schedule as usual. I want this to be a good experience for them, so I don’t want to over plan. I want the children to have the time they need to present their reports, and they can only sit so long. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

We will continue to peel, slice and eat hard boiled eggs for one of our practical life exercises this week. Here is the link if you would like to help with the eggs. It is listed for Tuesday, April 23 under Ms. Martha’s Practical Life (eggs). The time says bring them at 8:30, but if you are an afternoon parent, just bring them when you drop of your child.


Thank you for your support,

Ms. Martha, Ms. Valerie, and Ms. Kimber

Shadowing in a lower elementary class

Hello Parents,

One thing I forgot to mention in the blog is that on Monday April 29th our kindergarten students will be shadowing in a lower elementary class. For those of you who are not familiar with what shadowing is let me fill you in. Each one of our kindergarten students goes to visit one of the 9 lower elementary classes.  They are partnered up with a student from that class and then they do some activities and work in that room with their partner for about an hour and then they come back to our class.  This is a great chance for them to see what they get to look forward to next year as well as ease some of their fears. Please make sure that you child is at school on the 29th.

Have a great week!

Ms. Martha, Ms. Valerie & Ms. Kimber

Week of April 15, 2019

Hello Parents.

This week to “Sharpen the Saw” (Habit #7) we will either do a guided meditation or do some yoga. either way it will be wonderful! We will introduce the grasslands and the people of Africa. We will look at the parts of fruit, as well as the parts of a bird. In art we will start a project to show the element of form.  As we learn about inclined planes as  simple machines, we will spend some time working together as teams to create and build some kind of marble run. It will require team work and effort but will be a lot of fun to see their  fabulous creations.  This activity will be held in the gym so we will have plenty of room to be creative. At the end of the week we will also be privileged to have some Jr. High kids teach us some skills for P.E.

We will continue our practical life skill of peeling, slicing, and eating hard boiled eggs. If you would like to donate a dozen hard boiled eggs please just click on the following link to sign up. Thank you for your support.

Have a great week!

Ms. Martha, Ms. Valerie, and Ms. Kimber


Week of April 8, 2019

Hello Parents,

Hope you are all enjoying the extra time with your family. Looking ahead for when we return to school, we will begin many different areas of study. In geography, we will begin our continent study of Africa, and for the month of April the biome we will be studying is the grasslands. In botany, we will be learning more about different types of fruit. We will continue to learn about simple machines, and for the next two weeks our focus will be on inclined planes. In art, we will be learning about the element of form. Birds will be our focus in zoology which we will kick off on Tuesday, April 9th with Scales and Tails coming to do a presentation. Remember we will need to have our AM kids picked up a little later than normal, around noon or a bit after; and our PM kids will need to arrive at 11:15 a.m. Families our welcome to attend. The show will be held in the small gym.

In practical life, we will be learning how to peel and slice an egg. If you would like to help with supplying hard boiled eggs you can sign up at the following link-

Also, later this month we will be doing a participlay on some fun African stories, it is set for Friday, April 26. More information will be coming as the time gets closer, but just wanted you to be aware of it so you can mark it on your calendar.

Enjoy the rest of your spring break and we will see you soon. As always, thank you all for your support.

Ms. Martha, Ms. Valerie, and Ms. Kimber


Looking ahead after Spring break

Hello Parents,

First of all I want to thank all who were able to help out at the Dinosaur Park. It was a lot of fun regardless of any crazy weather that we experienced. We can not do activities like this without your help.  I hope you all have a wonderful Spring break, enjoying that extra time with your family.

We  will return to school April 8th. The next day, April 9, Scales and Tails will be coming to our school to present their bird show to our class. However, they will present only one time which will included both AM and PM classes. AM students will stay late this day, they will need to be picked up around noon or a little after (12:00- 12:15). PM students will need to arrive to school early, please drop off your students at 11:20.

On Wednesday, April 10th we will have picture day. A flyer will be going home to tell more about it.

Thanks for all you do!

Ms. Martha




Week of March 25, 2019

Week of March 25, 2019

Hello Parents,

This week we will continue working on Habit #7- Synergy as we learn better to work together. We will conclude our continent study of Oceania and our biome study of deserts. In botany, we will look at the life cycle of a plant and plant sunflower seeds to begin our sunflower garden for next school year. We will continue to learn about the wedge as a simple machine. As our final study of reptiles, we will have some fun by reading a few chapters each day of The Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs at Daybreak, and as a grand finale to our reptile study, we will go on a field trip to the Dinosaur Park on Friday, March 29. We could use some chaperones to help with the children.  The school will pay for the students; however, you would need to pay the entrance fee for yourself and any other children you bring. Please let us know if you are planning on coming so we can ensure we have enough coverage to help with the children. We will be meeting and picking up from the Dino park.  The morning class will arrive at the Dino park at 9 am. and be picked up at 11:30 am and the afternoon class will arrive at the Dino park at 12 pm and be picked up at 2:30 pm.  Right now it looks like there is a chance of rain on Friday so please dress your child for the weather.

Remember that Spring Break will be April 1- 5.

Thank you for all you do,

Ms. Martha, Ms. Valerie, and Ms. Kimber


Fairy Bread

Hello Parents,

I forgot to add a trackitforward request for items needed in our practical life area to make fairy bread to go along with our continent study of Australia.



Week of March 19, 2019

Hello Parents,

This past week has been fun; filled with an extra focus on literacy. It was good to see the families that came out to Literacy Night on Tuesday. We had a good time during the read-a-thon on Friday, getting to enjoy reading our favorite books, being read to, etc. It was also fun to watch our “reading tree” grow beautiful leaves. Thank you to all that participated in any of the events and activities.

Remember there will be no school on Monday, March 18. This is a workday for the teachers.

This week we will learn more about some of the animals that live in the deserts of Oceania. We will also be learning about different types of reptiles in general, as well as one interesting reptile in Australia, the thorny devil. The study of reptiles would not be complete without learning about their life cycle. In botany, we will learn about the parts of a seed as we dissect a lima bean and look closely at and name each part. In our study of simple machines, we spent the last two weeks learning about the lever, and for the next two weeks we will learn about how the wedge makes our work easier. We will continue our study on Henri Matisse and create art using him to inspire us. To end the week, we will use what we have learned so far in Habit six about synergy, to do some parachute activities that will require us to work together.  We want to thank you for your support and wish you a wonderful week!

Ms. Martha, Ms. Valerie, and Ms. Kimber

Week of March 11, 2018

Week of March 11, 2019


This week will be our Literacy Week at MMA. I will give more information about it at the end of the blog. This week we will learn more about the people of Oceania and look at the flags of some of the countries that make up Oceania. In botany, we will learn more about the different types of seeds. In zoology, we will look more closely at the parts of a reptile.  We will continue to learn about levers and how a lever can make our work easier and we will introduce Henri Matisse as the artist of the month.


Remember that Friday, March 15 will be an early release day for Professional Development.


MMA’s Literacy Night- will be held Tuesday, March 12th from 5:30-7:00 pm. Students and their Families along with the community are invited to attend. For literacy week students can bring in books for the book swap, a printed or drawing of their favorite book cover (to hang on the tack strip in the hallway). There will also be leaves, in which your child can write the books that they have read to hang on the tree in the hallway.


In practical life this month we will be making fairy bread to go along with our study of Oceania.  We are in need of a few ingredients.  It is listed as “Practical Life Snack for Fairy Bread” for Monday, March 11 (I forgot to put my name on it) Here is the sign up if you would like to help-


Thank you and have a great week~


Ms. Martha, Ms. Valerie, and Ms. Kimber

Week of March 4, 2019

Week of March 4, 2019


Hi parents,

I am sorry that this email is coming so late. I had an inclusion course that I was taking Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in Salt Lake. It was wonderful, but because I was out of the building and since I don’t know how to access my blog at home, I needed to wait until I returned to school to post it. Here it is-

First off here is a quick rundown of what we will be studying this month. We will be working on Habit Five in the Seven Habits of Happy Kids book which is about Synergy. In geography we will continue our study of Oceania but will change our biome study to the deserts of Oceania. In zoology, we will learn about reptiles, and in botany, we will learn about seeds. In physical science, we will introduce simple machines and focus on each one for two weeks, beginning with the lever and the wedge for this month. In art we will learn about shapes, which will include geometric, organic, and irregular shapes. Midway through the month we will introduce Henri Matisse as our artist study.

Next, I apologize for not being more on top of this, but each class is responsible for gathering items or collecting monetary donations for the Gala Baskets. Our class theme is Backyard Beautification/Glamorous Gardening. We’re asking that donations be in no later than March 7th. I know this is short notice. Any monetary donations will go directly to MAPA in order to purchase necessary items to fill the baskets. These will be auctioned off at the Gala on March 23rd.

If you’d like to have MAPA do the shopping for you, you can donate at the link below.

If you prefer bringing in items, here are some ideas for donations.



Gardening tools

Yard decor




Gardening gloves




Yards magazines

Solar lights

Flower pot

Bug spray

Gift cards

Bird feeder

Bird bath

Gardening caddy

Kneeling pad

Plant food

Planting soil

Garden themed art or accessories

Gardening books

Gardening clothing

Patio/Yard chairs

Water bottles

Students can bring donations into class anytime between now and Mar 7th.

Thanks so much for all the support you give. It is noticed and appreciated.

Lastly, for all parent of our PM class, please continue reading below.

Afternoon Parents,
It has come to my attention that there may be some confusion as to the drop off procedures.  Our top priority is the safety of the children. Just to review, here are some of the things we need you to do/not do during drop off

Pull forward (it is rule #1)
Pull forward (and rule #2 just to make it stick.)
Because there are no teachers/staff outside at this time please use common sense and pull forward.
Stay in your car if you are using the pick-up lanes.
If you want to wait with your child outside the doors please park your car in a parking stall, otherwise please wait in your car until the doors are opened.
Use the cross walk (it teaches children to use it too, and we always want children to use the cross walk).
Do not let your child off in the middle of the parking.  Your child must be curbside before you let them out of the car!!
Wait your turn.
Speak to teachers before or after pick up.
Be nice. I know it’s frustrating but try to imagine your happy place.
Pay attention. Stay off your phone, students will step in front of cars.
Prepare other relatives/friends that may drop off, by explaining these rules and possibly sending them with a snack.
If you have any questions please let me know.
Ms. Martha