Weekly Recap and Tidbits


-Our next field trip is on Wednesday, May 1st to the Clarke Planetarium in Salt Lake. We will be taking the FrontRunner from the Wall Street station at 8:37 AM. Students need to be there at 8:10 AM and will need to be picked up at 2:30 PM. IF YOU NEED A RIDE FOR YOUR STUDENT, PLEASE BE IN TOUCH with our wonderful room parent at velleasegray@gmail.com or myself. Also, we have free FrontRunner tickets for 7 more chaperones. If you’re interested in chaperoning, please let me know.

Weekly Recap

By far our most popular event of the past week was our field trip to see the Penguins movie. The kids loved learning about Steve and Adeline’s family. Afterward, we talked about the migration patterns of penguins from Antarctica to South America (and then introduced 8 other South American animals for research) and tied that into our current geography and continent studies. In math, we have been focusing on exchanging and borrowing across addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations based on where the students are in their math skills. We have been delving more into paragraph writing, including how to write effective introductions and conclusions. We are also contuining to work on time and elapsed time.

Thank you for all you do!

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