Volunteers needed • Week of Oct 17-21


Thank you to everyone that helped make the Fall Festival a success!

We had a terrific turnout! 

If you are a curious little cat like myself, be sure to check our blog next week. I will post  the profit made from our fundraiser.

It’s fun to see how your hard work pays off.

This week is a busy one.

Parent Teacher Conferences • Box Tops Store • Book Fair

We still need a couple people to help out with the Book Fair this week. Please help us fill these slots so we can stay open the whole time. https://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/hkpca

  • Box Tops Store is on Tuesday. If you can help with this please call Rachel Bush ~ 801-390-8624
  • We need a crossing guard on Friday mornings. Please call Tristan if you are able to help out. Tristan Hart ~ 970-531-7058

A note from the Teacher Appreciation Committee

Thank you so much for the support for our teacher appreciation dinners!! Many hands make light work and the teachers are so grateful!

Just a reminder to have your food items at the school early, by 3:30 would be so helpful. You can put them on the table in the teacher breakroom if you drop off during school. Or if it’s after school you can place them in the South Kiva kitchen area. Make sure you label your items clearly so people know it’s for Parent Teacher Conference dinner. 

Also, if you want your bowls, serving spoons, etc back label them clearly. We’ll rinse them out and you can pick them up in the South Kiva or the teacher breakroom.

If you have any questions or if you have something unforeseen come up, please let us know so we can make sure we have everything we need.

Thank you again!

Jennifer will be covering Monday 801-814-9585
Ronnie will be covering Tuesday & Wednesday 801-390-4371



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