Parent Teacher Conference- coming up


The link below- We join- is ready for you to open up and chose a time to visit. We will be doing this via- Zoom once I have your time scheduled. I will send you a link to join. We will be doing conferences- Tuesday-Thursday (May 19th-May 21st). Please let me know if there is a schedule conflict.

Thank you-

Ms. Leslee and Ms. Susan

Parents- (donation by this week please)


Ms. Shanan has asked if we could help to refurbish our garden boxes. If you are able and willing to help to contribute please let me know. You could take it to the school and leave at the front office. If you can let me know ahead of time I can let Ms. Shanan know and she can be there to receive it- that day if she is available to pick it up.

Thank you-

Ms. Leslee

Donations for GARDEN Boxes- Please put on BLOGS

Hello MMA families,

It is that time of year again! We are planting our school garden boxes for next year and would love your donation! We would love it if each student would donate a plant or a packet of seeds to contribute to our community garden. This will help us tremendously flush out and make our gardens full of a wide variety of plants. Your student could help pick out the plant and bring it to the front office to have planted by our school gardener, Ms. Shanan

Thank you-

Ms. Shanan.

Newsletter- 4-16-20


I will continue to communicate with you via email and the blog. Also, please watch for the “Nuts and Bolts” which has the lower elementary team – joint blog with all the information and additional tabs of work which may be selected. Virtual Field Trips will be added here shortly.

There is a survey I will be sending out to each of you to review and fill out and return. This will help me to know how best to help you and your family. Please get this back as soon as you can.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be coming up in a few weeks. I will have more details as I hear how they want us to proceed with them. It will be through “google hangout” or “zoom.”

Please contact me if there are any problems or questions you may have and I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you.

Ms. Leslee

Survey- Parents- Fill out – Send back- Please…


We have been asked to create a survey to let us as lower elementary teachers how we have been able to help support you with your student. This will be available this Monday- April 20th. Can you please fill out and send back to me by Wednesday- April 22nd. This will be a short informative and help to know how to best support for the remainder of the school year. Ms. Karen will be sending the link so I will be getting it to you soon.

Also, work charts are the only item you really need to return to me. Either a paper copy, email, or picture on your phone etc.

If you have something you really would like me to have- I’m happy to have the work- hard copy.

The other teachers are only asking for the work chart to be sent back so the documentation can be recorded as to the work which is still taking place with the student.

Thank you so much.

Ms. Leslee

First Zoom Meeting

Thank you so much for being able to come to our meeting.

I was so happy to see you all. Let’s plan on doing this again next week.

If there are a specific time and days which are better- please let me know.

Thank you.

Ms. Leslee

Classroom Meeting- Zoom



Here is the following link to join us Friday, 6:00 p.m. for a short visit- with our classroom.

Thank you-

Ms. Leslee

Leslee Bowman is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Classroom Discussion
Time: Apr 10, 2020 06:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 164 805 785
Password: 459354

Reading Horizons- web site



I wanted to give you a direct link so you can go on and begin the Reading Horizons which we do daily in the classroom. Each student needs to use their SSID number to log in.

If you need this number please let me know. Each student- (level) are assigned to their area to start. They can just progress as they go along. I have set it up so each grade level is doing the same lesson. I have back tracked a little bit to get each student re familiarized with what we had been doing in class.

Each student is aware of how this works and shouldn’t have any problems once they get started. We have been doing this all year. I’m glad we are able to still get this in as often as possible . Please allow your student to do this at least 3 times a week if not every day. Even if they just spend 5-10 minutes to review.

Thank you so much for your continued support and work. I truly miss being with your child. I hope our circumstances will be able to get resolved soon with this epidemic.

Please keep in touch if you need any help with getting this going. Thank you.

My best,

Ms. Leslee

Packets and Belongings- Students


Please come and get your packets and personal belongings. I have every student’s belongings in a white sack outside my classroom door with their name on it. There are also inside shoes which need to be picked up at the shoe shelf- as well as some lost and found items- please claim! As well as water bottles.

The packets are at the front door in my basket with each child’s name on it.

Please continue to keep in touch as I will continue to check on each of you. Hours to pick up are 9:00-11:00 a.m. and 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Next week, Spring Break- school will be closed.

Thank you for your continued support and I am so grateful to each of you! My best to all of my students!!

Keep smiling and we will see each other soon….


Ms. Leslee


Scholastic News- Internet access -All Students

Great News!

Students now have access to all our Scholastic magazines on the internet. They will need to go to They then click on the grade they want and click login in the top right corner. After clicking that they are a student they can type in the class code we will share and then they have access to all the magazines, videos, and other things we as teachers have access to as well as the other great things on the Scholastic site.
Here are the codes:
Scholastic News 1 PHEMHMA
Scholastic News 2 PHF8977
Scholastic News 3 PHG7VQM.
I am also going to add this to the blog. It will be with the other Scholastic info that is under the Language Arts Additional Resources.
This is from Ms. Jalee- she will be posting it to the combined blog as well. Just wanted you to have this information as well here.
Thank you-
Ms. Leslee

Parents- Please Read

March 25, 2020

Dear Wonderful MMA Lower El Families,


We hope this email/post finds you and your family well. As your teachers and as a school, we have been thinking about you and working hard to support you as you undertake this new distance learning adventure with us. Thank you for all your hard work and patience as we get everything figured out and put together. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed. So thank you.

As a lower elementary team, we are sending this to give you updates and reminders about what we are doing for your child’s education at this time. Please continue to check our lower elementary blog for online resources to use with your child. The blog site is Here you will find the main digital resources we are utilizing as a team to monitor your child’s work and progress. The main ones we will monitor are Imagine Learning Reading and Math, Reading Horizons, and Khan Academy. We encourage you all to take advantage of these as much as you can. You can find all the login information under the Language Arts and Math tabs at the top of the blog site. You will also find lots of other great resources under the other tabs.


While we are excited to use these sites, we also understand that for many of you there are limitations in regards to technology use. We know that some of you only have access to one computer to share among many children or have limited access to the internet. To help with this, we are also providing hard copy packets for you to work on with your child. These include math, reading, writing, and other fun ideas. With the news of our school continuing soft closure until May 1, we will be making packets for the month of April. At the beginning of last week, you were asked to let your teacher know if you wanted one of these packets. A new packet for all 4 weeks of April will be made for all who already requested a packet. We are working hard to have these packets available for pickup starting this Thursday, March 26. If you are able to pick up your packet this Thursday or Friday, that will be great. Otherwise, you can get it after spring break. As a reminder, school office hours are Monday-Friday, 9 to 11 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m.


If you did not respond in needing a hard copy packet and have changed your mind, please email your teacher. If this is the case, your packet may not be ready until after spring break.


We have also created a new work chart that will be included in the packet and will be posted on the blog. We are not asking that you turn in any of your child’s completed work but that you mark off on the work chart when they have done a work. We have also included a suggestion of how many times a week to do the work as well as a suggested amount of time for it. You can turn these in every two weeks by bringing them to the school and putting them in your teacher’s basket, taking a picture and emailing or sending it to your teacher via Remind, or just sending a message with the works your child has done. This is how we as a lower elementary team will be keeping track of your child’s completed works as well as monitoring online progress. Just be mindful that as teachers we are not going to be in the school daily so we may not get your hard copy work chart the day you turn it in. Please use the work chart to guide which works you use from the hard copy packet.


We will also be touching base with you weekly to provide you and your child with feedback. Please watch for an email or blog post from your teacher as to how they will be doing this. It may be through an email just to you or even a phone call. Each teacher will decide the best way for them and your class.


As always, we are available to support you through email and the Remind app. If you contact the teacher with a question or concern, you should hear back from them by 4:00 p.m. during regular school days. Since next week is spring break, we ask that you as parents take a break with your child and allow for time to relax. As teachers, we will not be available during this week so please do not expect replies or feedback until the break is over.


As always, thank you for all you do. Stay healthy and safe.



Lower Elementary Teachers