Drug Free -Red Ribbon Week Agenda Oct 22-Nov 1

Maria Montessori Red Ribbon Week Agenda
Oct 22nd-Nov 1st

Events and things happening at the school:

Tue Oct 22nd Speaker—focusing on the power of positivity
and our own thoughts our speaker’s message to the kids
is: ‘you are not your thoughts; you are a thinker of your

Thur Oct 24th Box Top store-bring in your box tops to
spend at our first box top store of the year!

Mon Oct 28th ‘Show your true colors and say not to drugs’
Kinder and early childhood wear RED, 1st wear ORANGE,
2nd wear YELLOW, 3rd wear GREEN, 4th wear PINK, 5th wear
PURPLE, 6th wear RED, 7th wear ORANGE, 8th wear YELLOW,
9th wear GREEN, or wear rainbows colors.

Door decorating is done and put online for voting via mapa
blog and fb pages!

Tue Oct 29th ‘Don’t get mixed up with drugs’
Wear mismatched socks or crazy socks!
Red Ribbons tying red ribbons on the fence.

Wed Oct 30th ‘I’m wild about being drug free’
Crazy hair day.
Voting closes on the door decorating contest.

Thur Oct 31st ‘Team up against drugs’
Wear your favorite team shirt or jersey.
Winners for the doors announced (1st place is a pizza

Fri Nov 1st
‘Saying no to drugs is no sweat’
Wear a sweatshirt/hoodie to school.

Kinder and early
childhood wear RED, 1st
wear ORANGE, 2nd wear
YELLOW, 3rd wear GREEN,
4th wear PINK, 5th wear
PURPLE, 6th wear RED, 7th
wear ORANGE, 8th wear
YELLOW, 9th wear GREEN,
or wear rainbows colors.

Wear mismatched or
crazy socks!

Crazy hair day!
(Please keep in mind
anything too distracting
or uncomfortable for the
student will result in a
phone call home.)

Wear a team shirt,
(school appropriate).

Wear sweatshirt/hoodie
to school! (please make
sure they are school

Picture Day- Coming up- October 22nd- Tuesday

Picture Day- Please read attached letter from our office staff. These are frequent questions you might have concerning the picture day.
Thank you
Ms. Leslee

Some frequently asked questions we get in the office.
Does every student get their picture taken? Yes. This is for fall pictures as well as the yearbook
Do the students bring anything with them (i.e. order forms or money) Yes they can, but please encourage parents to order online. Any money will be handed directly to the photographer as the office is not permitted to take money.
Does every student need to be in dress code? YES!!! Again this will go in the yearbook, so every student should be in dress code. Please no hats or funny head wear.
What happens if I do not receive my photos or if they are wrong? Please have parents reach out to lifetouch with the number on the flyer. The office can not do anything regarding parent orders.
Will there be a retake day? Yes, Re-take day is on November 14, but please encourage your students to have their picture done next week so we do not miss anyone.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for all you do.
Autumn (office staff)

Home Project #2- Book Report


The next home project will be a Book Report. Each student will chose a book they read on their own or with an adult. A pumpkin of any size will be carved, painted or decorated in anyway to represent a character from the book your child has read.

This will be presented the week of October 23 through October 27.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for helping your child at home and letting them continue their learning adventures through reading books.

I read a lot to the students. They each love to get their library books on Thursday’s and they love to read in class.

Ms. Leslee and Ms. Susan

Fall Break!!

Fall Break is this Thursday- 17th and Friday- 18th.

Just to let you know. I’m sure each of you already have your calendars planned for a special “family” event.

The children have been working hard so far this year. They deserve to have a fun time doing something with family and or friends!!

Thank you-

Ms. Leslee and Ms. Susan

Field Trip- Success!!


Thank you to those who joined us for our first field trip. It was a great experience. I so enjoyed watching the children’s excitement with the train ride. The weather was pretty cold waiting for the trax to come but once we got on… it was SO FUN!!

The children loved to watch out the window and watch others as they would get off at their exit and then the new people would get on.

The IMAX theater was awesome!! I loved watching the Lemurs at Madagascar. It was a excellent movie.

The children loved the gift shop too. So much to see as we each walked around. Science Around the Sphere was also very good.

I so appreciate those who could come and enjoy a fun day. Thank you, Thank you again parents who came and supported our classroom and our students.

Ms. Leslee and Ms. Susan


Classroom presentations

Dear Parents,

I have been so impressed by such wonderful presentations which have been shared this week. I just stand in AWE!!!  We have such wonderful students. My heart is so happy to see your child get up and share their thoughts and their hard work with us.

Thank you so much for helping me to help them to succeed. It’s been a great week and I’m so glad to have your child with me and Ms. Susan.

I love them each and I’m very proud of them.

Ms. Leslee

Annie, Jr. coming to MMA


Dear Parents,

We are excited to begin an after school theater group for 3rd through 6th grade students. Theatre practice will begin October 16th and will be held every Wednesday and Thursday after school from 3:05-4pm. In the spring we will perform “Annie, Jr.” the musical combined with junior high students. We will need both boys and girls for orphans as well as other roles.

Students must commit to being at every scheduled rehearsal and performance date (listed below) as every member is needed for a successful practice and performance! Auditions will be held as part of class in a group setting and every member of theatre will be given a part. Parts range from chorus (no speaking roles) to speaking parts, and vocal solos. I will do my best to help each child feel comfortable in the role they have been given.

Students will be responsible for providing their own costumes after roles are assigned. Since most elementary students will be playing a role of an orphan (both boys and girls), I recommend shopping at Deseret Industries or finding old, worn out, second hand clothing as costumes. Keep in mind that this play is set in the Great Depression time period (about 1933) in New York. Hope to see your student there!

Practice Dates – Every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:05pm – 4pm starting October 16th

Performance Dates – April 22nd and 23rd at 5:30pm

Ms. Sarah



I wanted to share this with you. I hope some of our 3rd grade students in Ms. Leslee’s class will take this opportunity to work with our amazing- Ms. Sarah!!

Ms. Leslee

Field Experience



Maria Montessori Academy 

Field Experience on October 11, 2019

at Discovery Gateway Clark Planetarium

110 400 W. Salt Lake City

The lead instructors are all lower elementary teachers.

We will participate in interactive displays and a workshop on planets. We will also attend a movie at the IMAX theater about the life of lemurs.

What you will do and what you will learn:

  • Discover, explore, and create with interactive, hands-on exhibits
  • Science and space through interactive displays
  • Workshop on planets
  • Attend and IMAX movie on the life of lemurs

What you will need to wear or bring:

  • School uniform
  • Sack lunch and water bottle with easy to carry backpack
  • Money for gift shop if desired

Our Schedule:

  • 8:10 am – Meet at UTA train station on Wall Ave (2350 Wall Ave) and board Frontrunner. Train leaves at 8:37 am.
  • Arrive at Clark Planetarium by 9:45 am. Explore the planetarium and its interactive exhibits.
  • 10:15 am – Holly, Karen, Leslee, and Mikaela’s classes will participate in Science Around the Sphere.
  • 11:00 am – All classes will attend a movie at the IMAX Theater on the life of lemurs. Lunch will be eaten during the IMAX movie. Students and chaperones will be allowed to eat a sack lunch while in the theater. They must clean up after themselves and restore their environment before leaving the theater.
  • 12:15 pm – Jalee, Shauna, Pat, and Krista’s classes will participate in Science Around the Sphere.
  • 1:00 pm – Meet at the front of Planetarium and leave Clark Planetarium by 1:10 to board frontrunner for ride home. Will arrive back at the station on Wall Ave in Ogden at 2:24 pm. Parents will need to pick children up there. 

Please let me know if there are any carpool issues which need to be figured out from getting child to the train station OR getting child from train station to be picked up.

I do have a list of chaperones and they are back ground checked to be able to transport a child if need be. The child does need to be picked up at 2:24 pm. from the train station to go home. If you have day care providers- they will need to pick up your child there at the train station – unless you have made other arrangements.

Thank you,

Ms. Leslee and Ms. Susan