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Hello all,

STEM week is January 14-18, which is still two months away, but I want to get everyone thinking about potential projects over the break.

For 6th graders, this means Science Fair

For 5th graders, this means Invention Convention

For 4th graders, this means an in-house STEM project.

6th and 5th grade students will be coming home with a packet of papers today.  This is their workbook to help them get started on their projects.  I have created a new tab up top that is now your go-to-place for all digital copies of forms.

4th graders will be doing a mostly in-class project.  Please anticipate a need to gather supplies for your child, but they will not be working on this project at home.  note: I would love to have a parent volunteer who works in a STEM field come in and work with my fourth graders on this project. Please email me if you would like to come in.


Our astrocamp field trip is coming up the Tuesday after break.  We will need parent volunteers to drive and to chaperone- please anticipate an email from our room mom, Alisha. The info sheet will be sent home hard copy with your student today and an electronic copy will be put in our new “important document” tab

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