Valentine’s Day activities

Dear Parents,

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a fun breakfast on Thursday, Feb. 14.  We will be sending home a card tomorrow with a specific item for each child to donate to the breakfast.  Since it will be an early-out day, students will not need to bring a lunch.  The breakfast should keep them full.   The children really enjoy these activities and we so appreciate your support.  Students can bring valentines and a decorated container that day as well.  There are 25 students in the class.

Thank you for all your support!

Ms. Krista

Parent Teacher Conferences February 13-15

Dear Parents,

Parent-teacher conferences are next week on February 13-15.  Students are invited to attend with their parents. Please no younger siblings.

Please sign up for conferences by Monday, February 11th.    After that I will print the schedule and clear the online sign-up. Changes to the sign-up will not be able to be made after that date.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Parent-Teacher Conference sign up

Thank you,

Ms. Krista

Spelling Bee

During the month of February, we will be preparing for the school-wide spelling bee which takes place at the end of the month.  I have sent a Scripps National spelling bee packet home with each child. I will not be posting weekly spelling lists until after the school-wide spelling bee.   Instead of the usual spelling tests on Thursdays, we will now be doing practice spelling bees using the Scripps words.  For those in spelling group A and B, I will be using the 1st-grade list.  For group C, I will be using the 2nd-grade list.  For group D and P, I will be using 3rd-grade words and above.  Our top 3 spellers will go on to compete in the lower-elementary spelling bee on February 26th.  Please help your child practice the words at home.

Next Week Updates

Week of January 21st:

Monday–No school.

Wednesday–2nd graders’ projects are due.

Thursday–1st graders’ projects are due.

There will be no spelling words next week, due to a short week and our focus on projects.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Spelling Words

List A/B: hill, fell, bell, doll, pill, grill, windmill

List C: farm, carpet, market, garden, harp, starfish, park, bark

List D: base, din, discard, dome, gallon, instrument, luxury, mallet, skill, slight

List P: apparent, ban, concentrate, concern, consider, contrast, fragile, menace, pounce, prompt, recent, symbol, talon, trophy, widespread

Schedule for Science Projects

January 18– 3rd graders will be presenting their projects to the class.  Their projects will be displayed for the entire school on January 22.

January 23– 2nd graders will be presenting their projects to the class.  Their projects will be displayed for the entire school on January 24.

January 24–1st graders will be presenting their projects to the class.  Their projects will be displayed for the entire school on January 25.


Spelling words

List A/B: grass, glass, dress, class, kiss, moss, cross

List C: baby, tulip, microscope, relax, robot, crocodile, tomato, violin, volcano

List D: adult, clump, curious, gratitude, herd, newcomer, plain, stalk, tusk, wealthy

List P: afford, boast, chord, exceptional, fortunate, fringe, humble, meadow, melancholy, obstinate, plead, plunge, relent, submit, trudge


Spelling words and updates

Dear Parents,

MMA’s  Winter Concert is on Monday at 6:30 in the new gymnasium.  Students need to arrive no later than 6:15. They should wear a solid color top and black bottoms. All of our students have been practicing very hard for this concert.   I am so excited to see them perform.

Our class holiday party is on Thursday, December 20.  Please have your child bring a secret Santa gift that day and a food item to share.

Spelling Words: 

List A/B: plant, stamp, stand, blimp, stump, twigs, twins

List C: glue, blue, statue, rescue, screw, jewel, crew, blew, spoon, root, raccoon

List D: bustle, channel, connect, empire, mention, peak, scholar, settle, vehicle, zigzag

List P: appall, dejected, depend, dreary, fanatic, impact, invade, isolate, occupy, reveal, rout, suspect, temporary, terror, tragic


Spelling Words

List A/B:  belt, melt, film, milk, raft, mask, gift

List C: donkey, chimney, valley, hockey, candy, empty, puppy, canopy

List D: arch, attention, award, collapse, demolish, excess, outline, sculpture, spade, utensil

List P: ability, amiable, bliss, caress, clutch, coax, furious, gesture, mope, prefer, recover, replace, request, separate. shun

Holiday fun!

Dear Parents,

The children requested that we do “Secret Santa” again this year.  They have each drawn the name of a classmate and will need to bring a one dollar gift (no more) for that person on December Dec. 20.  We will be having a little class party that day.  They are also welcome to bring a fun food item to share for the afternoon.  We will still be having our regular lunch that day.

I would also like to have a favorite recipe from each child with their name included.  Please email the recipe to me, or send a copy with your child to school as soon as possible.

Also, just a reminder that Monday is an early-out day.  School will dismiss at 1pm.

Thank you!

Ms. Krista