Spelling Words

List A/B:  belt, melt, film, milk, raft, mask, gift

List C: donkey, chimney, valley, hockey, candy, empty, puppy, canopy

List D: arch, attention, award, collapse, demolish, excess, outline, sculpture, spade, utensil

List P: ability, amiable, bliss, caress, clutch, coax, furious, gesture, mope, prefer, recover, replace, request, separate. shun

Holiday fun!

Dear Parents,

The children requested that we do “Secret Santa” again this year.  They have each drawn the name of a classmate and will need to bring a one dollar gift (no more) for that person on December Dec. 20.  We will be having a little class party that day.  They are also welcome to bring a fun food item to share for the afternoon.  We will still be having our regular lunch that day.

I would also like to have a favorite recipe from each child with their name included.  Please email the recipe to me, or send a copy with your child to school as soon as possible.

Also, just a reminder that Monday is an early-out day.  School will dismiss at 1pm.

Thank you!

Ms. Krista


STEM home Project

 Dear Parents,
The lower-elementary has started its next unit with the theme of STRUCTURE.  We have made some small changes to the project expectation which will be due Friday, January 18th.  The changes are as follows:

Level 1: Will research and present on a scientist

Level 2: Will do a project using the scientific method

Level 3: Will present on either simple machines or forces of motion

For the STEM Fair home project, we will ask that your child create a science presentation. We want to treat our STEM Fair not as a general “Science Fair,” but rather a celebration of science.

A science celebration presentation is not limited to just a tri-board.  Listed below are ideas your child can choose from (but are not limited to) for the STEM Fair.

Some ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Poster or tri-fold board
  • Brochure
  • Hands-on experiment with write-up
  • Experiment demonstration by student (must be able to show over and over)
  • Create a board game
  • Video (Example: Make their own Bill Nye)
  • Performance or skit
  • Diorama
  • Create a book
  • Create a lesson or work

The STEM festival will be the week of January 14th. The students will be presenting school-wide after STEM week starting January 22nd.

Spelling words

List A/B: camp, jump,lamp, pump, sand, wind, hand, tent, mint

List C: bean, peach, stream, read, bead, green, sleep, tree, thief, field, shield

List D: atlas, aware, boar, equator, fang, fierce, hoof, journey, local, rare

List P: annual, artificial, blend, bore, considerable, crude, evaporate, foliage, gash, hue, increase, nourish, vary, vision, yield

Parent Education Night

Mark your calendars for an exciting, educational evening. Our teachers have heard you and understand that you would like more knowledge about what Montessori looks, sounds, and feels like, how it can benefit you and your child, and a better connection to some of its vocabulary.  On Thursday, December 6 from 5:30-6:30 we will host a night with two prime topics being featured: Grace and Courtesy (Communication, Independence, Movement, and Self-Discipline) and The Benefits of Montessori (how it differs from traditional schooling). After a short introduction together in the small gym, we will break out into groups to discuss the two topics. We look forward to seeing you all there! Any questions can be directed to sellis@mariamontessoriacademy.org or jhall@mariamontessoriacademy.org.

Field trip this Thursday

Just a reminder that we will be going on a field trip this Thursday, November 29th to the Hill Aerospace Museum. We will meet at North Shore at 11:20 and leave by 11:30 am.  Students will need to be picked up at the museum by 2:15 pm.

We will eat lunch before we go. Please make sure your child has good walking shoes and a warm jacket. A portion of the field trip will take place outside.

If you have not signed up on the carpool wejoin please click the link below.

Carpool sign up

Thank you,

Ms. Krista

Spelling words

List A/B: nest, dust, vest, cast, rust, fist, last

List C: pie, tie, flies, blind, kind, child, sky, fly, python

List D: astronomy, besides, crater, degree, diameter, gaze, gravity, reflect, telescope, universe

List P: all, banish, communicate, console, cower, deliberate, depth, desire, livelihood, misfortune, orphan, precipice, regain, slay, symptom

Spelling Lists

List A/B: plug, clip, clap, flag, flip, plum, blot

List C: coat, goat, goal, soap, elbow, snowman, yellow, toe, doe, hold, hoe,

List D: abroad, blast, career, cautious, girder, invent, rotate, story, strand, tower

List P: advantage, astonish, confirm, distant, founder, hamlet, host, misgiving, parch, prospect, scarce, shrewd, sole, torment, typical

Thanksgiving Potluck

Dear Parents,

We have decided to have a Thanksgiving potluck in our class on Monday, Nov. 12 Please send a potluck item with your child to share with the class. I have created a wejoinin sign up for you to use so we don’t have too much of the same thing. I have added a few blank rows for those who are bringing items that are not included on the list.
Here is the sign-up link:
Thank you for your support in helping us put this together.
Ms. Krista