Week 15 Recap

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Holiday Feast December 19th

Our sign up for our Holiday feast is up on Track It Forward.  I have the food sign up available.  We will be doing soup options for our luncheon.  Please check out our sign up sheet.  We will be having immediate families joining us and some siblings, please plan for a crowd.

Snack Needed

We are in need of snack for the next two weeks.  We went through what was left for everyone to have something for snack this past week, but ran out by Friday.  The sign up on Track it Forward.

Our Holiday Party will be December 21st from 12:45pm-2:30pm

This past week in cultural lessons we did Botany, History, and Geography

Level 1s: How plants grow, Land and water landforms

Level 2s: Leaf venation symmetry, time to 5 minutes review, Earthquake parts and how they happen

Level 3s: Silurian period, Momentum in physics

Science- STEM activities

Our students were introduced to what Information writing and reading was this past Monday.  This week we will go over what a fact vs opinion is and do some practice activities.

Reminder- Monday is an early out!  Please have your student picked up at 1pm.

Week 14 Recap

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Hello All!

Thank you to everyone for a smooth field trip this past Friday.  The kids had a great time and they said they really enjoyed the workshop on simple machines.

STEM Fair Projects:  LE display the week of Jan 22nd.  Projects Due January 18th.

In January the school will host a STEM Fair display.  I talked to the kids this week on what their focuses will be:

1st grader’s projects:  Research a famous scientist and create a project about their life and what they did for science (what made them famous?)

2nd grade’s projects:  A simple science experiment that the student can do the scientific method on.  2nd graders should be able to: 1. Pick a focus (a topic), 2. Create a hypothesis for their topic, 3.  Conduct the experiment (take pictures/video for presentation display!) *include materials/supply list for experiment! *can the experiment be conducted multiple times? What kind of results happen each time, 4.  Write down observations, 5. Make a conclusion and was their hypothesis correct or incorrect?

3rd grader’s projects:  Choose between a project on a simple machine OR a demonstration that explains one of Newton’s Laws of Motion or a demonstration on how momentum or acceleration works.  3rd graders’ projects should be a display that can explain the meaning of the simple machine or laws of motion, explain why/how it works, and how it relates to real life.


Past Week:

3rd graders were excited to learn about round worms (such as earthworms).  We went over the parts of an earthworm and what they do.  We also looked at other kinds of Annelids such as leeches and how they are parasites.  2nd graders reviewed amphibians and the life cycle of a frog.  Since we have the COW on Wednesday afternoons, some 2nd graders got started on reading and researching on an amphibian of their choice.  1st graders learned what an amphibian is and learned they go through a change called “metamorphosis.”

3rd graders have now had a lesson on division with remainders (such as 67 divided by 8).  We will continue practicing this skill and then will work with a triple digit dividend and then move into division with a double digit divisor.  The 3rd graders have seen division in multiple ways with the use of our Test Tube material and also on a white board.  I’ve tied in their division into their multiplication, so they can see how the two are similar to each other.  A skill that is challenging for almost all our 3rd graders is a missing multiplier or missing multiplicand.  This is also true when it comes to division (ex. A x 6= 24 or 28 divided A= 4.

2nd graders are working towards seeing how addition and multiplication are similar.  This week they saw how when numbers go over 10 in a given place value the steps to solve in either addition or multiplication are similar on our materials.

1st graders have begun what we call dynamic addition.  Dynamic is when a given place value goes over 10 and there is exchanging that is needed.  We are starting basic right now, going up to just the 10s place.  As the skill develops they will work with addition that goes up to the thousands place.  This week we will look at subtraction and begin practicing.  1st graders will then have addition and subtraction skills to practice during the week.  After Winter break they will look at multiplication and see how multiplication and addition are similar.  Subtraction skills will also continue.

We begun an important prompt this past week.  It is the 1st summative writing assessment given this year.  After every 2 themes there is an assigned writing prompt that is used to see if they are applying the needed skills they have learned in their writing lessons.  1st graders should be able to write 3-4 complete sentences, 2nd graders should have a fluid beginning/middle/end to their story, and 3rd should apply what 2nd graders do, but be able to add dialogue to their writing.  This coming week the students are working on finishing up their drafts, edits, and revisions, and move into their final drafts.


Upcoming Week:

There is a Parent Night on December 6th at 5:30pm on how a Montessori Class runs and what expectations your child should be applying.  It will go over what makes a Montessori school different from other public schools and what student life at a Montessori school is like.  Please check out the Montessori Monday Moments that was just sent out.  The flyer is located on there.

Ms. Clarissa, our music teacher, is hosting a Winter Concert on December 17th at 5:30pm.  The flyer for the concert is also on the MMM that was just sent out.  Our child has been practicing for weeks in music class! Mark your calendars!

Please note that on December 10th, next Monday, is an early out.

This week I am going to create a sign up on Track It Forward for our annual Holiday Feast!  Our classroom feast will be December 19th at 12:00pm.  Immediate family members are invited to join your child.  The sign up will be for food.  Part of the sign up will be for each level to make something for the feast.  I should have that sign up out by the end of the week so that gives about 2 weeks of preparation.  Our feast will go until about 1pm.  Some years it has gone over 1pm by just a little bit.  The students also present Winter holidays in December from around the world.  We’ll see if we continue that or we change it up some.  Students are welcome to be checked out after the feast.

December Challenge!  Now that we are in December I have a challenge for the students!  If everyone completes their Spiral Maths, Word Works, Text Times, and writings before recess on Fridays in December then we can watch a Christmas movie in the afternoon.  Help encourage your child!  Spiral Math is only 1 column a day.  I tell the students to complete it right after circle time in the morning.  Word Work is also a few language exercises each day.  Text time is the shortest.  It is a short passage and then there are 3-4 questions about the reading.  If everyone followed the exercises then everyone would be done by the end of Thursday (All the exercises in Spiral Math and Word Work are Mondays-Thursdays).

Have a great upcoming week and rest of your weekend.  Happy December and for anyone who celebrates or that you know celebrates Hanukkah!

Ms. Kaley and Ms. Misha

Week 13 Recap

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Ogden Electric Lights Parade November 24th 5:30pm

November 24th is the annual Ogden Electric Lights Parade. Our school will be represented and the marketing committee has come up with a float that will represent MMA.

We are looking for students from MMA who would like to be part of our parade! The meeting place will be in front of the Ogden Temple. The parade starts promptly at 5:30pm. The floats will be lined up at 5pm. If you are riding or walking then please meet in front of the temple at 5pm.

Students 12 years and younger must ride in the trailer or truck. If your student is over the age of 12, then they may walk next to the float. Students who ride or walk will be carrying white peace signs or holding tea lights. All students will need to sign up to participate. Waivers will need to be signed at our meeting place, the Ogden temple. (The sign up is currently full, however, we are filling up a trailer and the back of a truck.  Come anyway and we’ll see what we can do!)

The parade starts on 22nd and Washington and then ends at 27th. The marketing committee advises our MMA parents whose child(ren) are in the parade park towards the end of the parade so when we are done you can find your child.

We have some, but if your child would like to wear glow necklaces and bracelets during the parade we highly suggest the more the better! (It is a light parade!) the glow wear is also our symbol to honor Troy and Molly Cox.  You can find glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets at the dollar store, Walmart, Smiths etc.


Thank you to all that came to the Cultural Festival!  The different project choices that related to the United States were really interesting to see and learn about!

The STEM fair projects will be in January.  The projects will be due on January 18th.  We will begin talking about project choices and displays when we get back to school.

November 30th half day Field Trip!

On November 30th, students will have a morning field trip to the Hill Airforce Museum!  Students brought home an information sheet about it this past week.  We will do a simple machines workshop and participate in a scavenger hunt.  Meeting is at 9am at the museum.  You can meet us there or catch a ride, if need be, at the school/North Shore.  Pick up will be at 11:15am and then students will have lunch and recess when they get back to school.  Please dress your child accordingly for the weather!  Please email me if you would like to be a chaperone!

The forms have already been signed, so the page that went home is just an information sheet.  Please email our room mother, Katie, if you are taking your own child/can take other students/or your child needs a ride.  Please email her and let her know by November 27th.  Thank you!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and great break!

Ms. Kaley and Ms. Misha

Week 12 Recap

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Hi Everyone!

Upcoming Week:

Independence Project DUE FRIDAY!

This Friday is our Cultural Festival from 1pm-3pm.  If you are able to come, please come and bring the family to see projects tied to the United States, our focus this year.  Our classroom has tied the theme of Independence to learning how the early colonists broke away from England, came to the United States for freedom, and wanted to establish a new life.  Our classroom has been learning about the early colonists and Puritans and how that even tied to the Revolutionary time frame.  Projects on early colonial time to the Revolutionary era are due FRIDAY!  We will be set up in our classroom.  If your child has food to give out to students who come and hear their projects we ask that NO TOOTHPICKS be handed out.

How Projects will be Presented- Half the class will stay in our room to present to others who come visit our room.  The other half of the students will visit projects in the other classrooms.  Then the two groups will switch.  If your child is sensitive to transitions and something not routine, please try and come and help support them.  Some students don’t like being off routine and it can be overwhelming for them.  To ensure the happiness and confidence of each of our students, please come and be a part of our Cultural Festival 🙂

I will be visiting each of our student’s projects and input their project score.  Projects will be on display and will go home once we get back from Thanksgiving Break.

This coming Tuesday morning we will have Ms. Rachael for Botany.  Friday we will unfortunately not be able to do any cooking, but will have some Thanksgiving inspired works/activities for the kids.

December Events

In December we do a Winter Holiday Feast for our class.  We also do a Holiday Class Party too.  Here are the dates I am planning:

Winter Holiday Class Feast- December 19th.  It will be from 12pm-1:00pm.  Clean up will take until 1:30 most likely.  Please mark your calendars as parents are invited to come and have a nice lunch with us.  Students will be making invitations the first week of December.

Holiday Class Party- December 21st from 12:45pm-2:30pm.



Have a great rest of your weekend and Happy Veterans Day!  Thank you to any of you who have served our country.  Have a great upcoming week and hoping to see you at our Cultural Festival on Friday afternoon.

Ms. Kaley and Ms. Misha

Week 11 Recap

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Hello Everyone!

Independence Project!

The Independence Project is coming up!  It is due November 16th!  The project overview, as well as all the project overviews, are in your Back to School Night folder and at the top of this blog under “Projects.”  Your child should pick a project that is about the United States.  We have been learning about the American Revolution time era, so our students should be picking a state from the 13 colonies, or an interest that is from the American Revolutionary time.

This week and next we will be going over life as colonist and provide the students more ideas for what they want to choose or help give more information to help support their project choice.  The Independence project will be our project for the school’s Cultural Festival!  You and any family and friends are invited to MMA between 1pm and 3pm to view projects throughout the school and learn what students have researched and presented during our Independence theme.  After the festival is over the students may leave their projects to share and will take them home once we get back from Thanksgiving Break.

November 16th Cooking Volunteers!  I have a recipe in a colonial american book for kids that has a Johnny Cakes recipe.  The morning of November 16th, I am looking for any you who wouldn’t mind taking a few kids at a time to learn how to make them and then eat them.  If anyone is interested, please email me and let me know.  The recipe is pretty simple and would need a few ingredients and some griddles to cook them on.

I’m considering some little Thanksgiving activities the kids can do too that morning.

Past Week

This past week’s highlights involved the 2nd graders reviewing time to the quarter hour.  This would be a great skills to help enforce and practice at home.  Everyone began Text Time, a small reading passage that has your child answering a few questions and finding supporting details as they read to help them answer the questions.  1st graders who were at school Friday really enjoyed Snake Game Seach for 10 in their lesson.  They set up a line of Montessori’s colored beads and learned how to tackle an equation such as 6+4+5+5+9+1+3+7+2+8=?  The group did well and will move onto a harder snake game this coming week.  3rd graders met with me as the first group to learn about final drafts and what editing and revising means in their writing.

In cultural this past week: History, Zoology, Geography

Level 1s: Kinds of fish, the year 2018 as our place in time

Level 2s: Time review to the quarter hour mark, tectonic plates intro

Level 3s: Cambrian and Ordovician life, Cnidarians (sea anemones and jellyfish)

*Level 3s will be taking a break from Botany until March since their curriculum revolves around flowers. They will continue other extensions and learning in their other cultural subjects, including science specifically for 3rd graders.

Friday- Scientific Method steps.  We did a class experiment with corn kernels.  Students learned to read a question, propose a hypothesis, list materials and read the procedures, record observations, and then draw a conclusion.  The corn kernels were put into a mixture of baking soda and water.  Then, vinegar was added.  The kernels then floated and sank as if they were “hopping.”

Upcoming Week:

This week will be Red Ribbon Week.  We will have a speaker on Tuesday that will help enforce students to make healthy choices for their lives.  On Friday we have an author coming to present to all of Lower Elementary, Gary Hogg.  We will have an assembly from 9-10am on Friday and then in the afternoon from 2-3, the 3rd graders will do a writing workshop with him.

Pizza money is due Tuesday if you so choose to participate

Reading Volunteers- If anyone is interested in being a reading volunteer, please let me know what day you can come in and if you prefer morning or afternoon.  Most volunteers stay between an hour to an hour and a half.

Have a great upcoming week and rest of your weekend

Ms. Kaley and Ms. Misha

Week 10 Recap

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Hello Everyone!

This week we experienced something I never thought I as a teacher would have to experience.  We lost two  amazing students this past week in the horrific car crash on Washington this past Tuesday.  Our school provided support for both students and staff members as the week went on this past week.  Thank you to any of you who provided support and comforted our students and participated in the ribbon tying outside on our fence.  If your daughter happens to be in Girl Scouts, she may wear her Girl Scout’s sash or t-shirt on Monday in honor of Molly Cox who was one of the students who passed.

I taught Molly when she was a 3rd grader during our Studio Friday time.  Back then, I taught theater and Molly was a bright light that enjoyed every minute of my class. She was such a joy to have.  She would always tell me how much she loved theater and always had a smile to show.  She and her brother, Troy, will be deeply missed.  I’m waiting to hear about their services and will decide if I am able to make it.

Past Week:

This past week I did an introduction to what was the cause of the Revolutionary War.  Students learned that America wasn’t free and was ruled by England at the time by a King.  Our students then learned that the King put taxes on products,  who Paul Revere was and his role, and that America wanted to be free with their own form of government.  I went over the meaning of the colors on the American flag and what the Pledge of Allegiance means with 1st graders in Geography this week.  Our whole class then learned what the colors of the USA flag means and then they got to create their own redesign of the American Flag and decided what their door choices meant.  The ideas were beautiful and the students really embraced the feeling of love, peace, protection, and freedom for our country.

My favorite lesson this week went to working with the 3rd graders this week on learning improper fractions.  I showed them how to solve a fraction that has a larger numerator than its denominator with our fraction materials and also using abstract division skills.  The group really enjoyed this lesson and all interested in how to solve fractions like that.  We will continue to continue learning about improper fractions through practice and reviews this week and into next.

2nd graders had a review in time to the hour and half hour this past week and will move onto time to the quarter hour and quarter past.  We talked about the word “quarter” and how that relates to the 4th’s family also this week in their fraction lesson.  If you can point out time to the hour, half hour, 15 minute mark, and 45 minute mark with your 2nd grader, that will help them practice at home.

Everyone worked on a practice narrative this pat week with brainstorming skills and using a graphic organizer that helped all students come up with a topic sentence, have a beginning/middle/end, and a closing sentence.  This week we will talk about transition words like: first, next, last etc. in their writing. Students will then move into how to revise and edit (which some students already got to last week) and learn to write a final draft in their purple notebooks.

In cultural this past week we had Geography, a little Zoology and History, and Botany to catch up on.  With the passing of our two students, emotions were also felt pretty high in our class, so I had students do some reading on books I assigned them that matched their cultural for that day with our COW Wednesday afternoon.

Level 1s: American flag and color meaning, kinds of trees

Level 2s: Layers of the Earth, time to the hour/half hour review, and leaves

Level 3s: Sound waves and vibrations, Electricity and static electricity


Upcoming Week:

Tuesday– Evacuation Drill practice.  Pizza money is due.

Wednesday– Our Halloween Party is upon us!  Wednesday afternoon from 12:45-2:30 will be our time to enjoy the holiday.  Please NO COSTUMES to school on Halloween.  Any treats and things the students make at the party will be taken home.  Having a class party is also a privilege to have and attend.  Some students are currently testing boundaries and classroom rules.  We sat down as a class community and the students said we should have 3 goals that everyone should follow in order to participate in the class party.  The students voted on 3 rules:

  1. Do silent clean ups silently (This is done before recess and at the end of the day).
  2. Focus (if you are off task and are disrupting others or yourself then you are not focusing in class on your work or lesson).
  3. Body rule (no part of your body should be disrupting or invading someone else’s.  No pushing, kicking, pulling etc.).

I’m hoping everyone can follow the goals they set as a class and everyone can participate.  Any student who doesn’t follow the goals will do Halloween themed work with me and Misha (we will rotate) and any work needed from their planner.

If you want to help out with our party with volunteering or bringing supplies, here is the link again!


If you are volunteering please come at 11:30-11:45.  We will have our class eat out in the kiva space so stations can be set up.



Have a great rest of your weekend, upcoming week, and Halloween.

Ms. Kaley and Ms. Misha

Week 9 Recap

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Hi Everyone!

Thank you to those who attended Parent Teacher Conferences this past week.  The 3 early outs allowed us to do some cultural lessons we needed to do and for 2nd and 3rd graders it allowed them to begin some new animal research.  2nd graders are beginning research on a fish and 3rd graders have begun research on different kinds of sea sponges (Porifera).  1st graders learned about the external parts of a fish this past week.  We also did some Botany this past week as well.  1st graders did lifecycle of a plant from how they begin as a seed and then transition to a small seedling and then to a full plant.  2nd graders learned about simple leaves vs compound leaves.  3rd graders read a review on seed germination and we will look at seed germination this week when we talk about the cotton plant!

Picture Day is Monday!  Please don’t forget to send in your picture forms with your child!  If you happen to forget, so worries!  Once your child gets their picture taken and pictures are printed, your child’s picture will be printed as a proof.  You can then decide to order pictures once you see your child’s picture.

Box Top Day! Box tops are this week!  According to the Monday Montessori Moments the store will be open on Wednesday from 11am-1:00

Pizza money due Tuesdays!  If you want your child to receive pizza on Fridays, please see the  Monday Montessori Moments Rene sends out.  The forms are on there.  Pizza money is taken down to the office on Tuesdays by 10:30am.

Classroom Halloween Party!  This year our classroom Halloween Party will be held on October 31st and it will be in the afternoon fro 12:45-2:30.  Our room mom has created a link for item donations and volunteers!

Click here to help out our party! 

You can then log in your hours on Track it Forward if you help donate any items or your time!  If you pan on helping out during our party please come between 11:45-12:00 noon on October 31st.  I will have the kids eat in the kiva space while volunteers set up in our class.

Independence Project due November 16th.  Our next project will be due on the 16th of November.  Your child may pick a 13th colony or something they are interested in from the Revolutionary War era (ie: life as an early American colonist, the American flag, important people, clothing, food, battles, war supplies etc.).  We welcome our parents and families to come to MMA to visit our Cultural Fair on the Revolutionary time era from 1pm-3pm.  This is also our last day before Thanksgiving Break.  Your child doesn’t have to present a board, but must have a visual and written aspect to their project.  Students are going to be set up in our classroom or in the kiva spaces so that the tour of all the projects spread throughout the school.

Hope your child had a lovely Fall Break!  This week I will be prepping our Text Time reading comprehension work.  Students will be required to work on it.  I will be also prepping reading take home homework and in class extra reading practice.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Ms. Kaley and Ms. Misha

Week 8 Recap

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Hi Everyone!

Please don’t forget that this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is Fall Parent Teacher Conferences.  

Monday’s PTC- https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/439125

Tuesday’s PTC- https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/439126

Wednesday’s PTC- https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/439127

Misha and I will be going over normalization observations and talk about goals.  I will also give out Dibel’s reading progress reports that have fantastic information regarding what you can do to help your child’s reading. It shows’s their strengths and areas that might need improving.  I will also have the MMA progress report.  Since our school revamped it’s curriculum and we hoping to show portfolio’s at our Winter PTC, the progress report will only have Executive Functions, Math, and Language progress stated on the report.  The cultural areas on the progress report didn’t align with our new revamp, so you will not see it on this go round.  Please know your child is getting cultural lessons and cultural is one of my favorite areas to teach.  I state what cultural lessons your child gets on our blog, so please keep referring to our blog for updated information 🙂

Thank you parents for helped on our field trip and got everyone there.  The children had a great time even with the weather sprinkling on us a little. Thank you all again.

No school will be held on Thursday and Friday of this week because of Fall Break.  Monday-Wednesday are early release days- 1 pm dismissal.  

The Original Art submission is due to the office on Oct. 12th.  If some student’s need more time or the form isn’t submitted by the 12th, there will be another submission time before October is over.  Please submit those yellow folders with the art and order form in them to our office by Oct. 12th.

Pizza order forms are due by Tuesday this year.  This will allow MAPA to have all the money in to order on Wednesdays.  Our class will submit their money to the office at 10:30am on Tuesdays. After Tuesdays, any order forms will have to wait until the next week.  Order forms are on the Montessori Mondays email that Rene sends out.  I also had order forms go home this past Friday.

Past Week:

Picture order forms went home Friday.  If your child happened to not get one, you can order online once your child’s picture is taken or you can ask the office for another order form.  Please note that picture day is October 22nd.  Please have your child in school dress code and have their picture order form turned into Ms. Kaley.

1st graders are working knowing pennies, nickels, and dimes coin names and their worth.  I have them adding up pennies with one of our shelf works, but any student needing more will then be moved onto adding up nickels.  I have the first graders also learning to identify the coin’s faces on both sides.  2nd graders are working on measuring length and learning to compare and contrast, but also learn to explain their reasoning on why they believe one object is longer or shorter than the other.  They are learning word problems as well where they are putting lengths together, but also finding the differences too.  3rd graders will get their lesson on bar graphs this Monday.

All three levels focused on triangles this week in geometry.  2nd graders got to learn the Detective Adjective game in a language lesson this week, but it tied in their geometry too.  Some 1st and 3rd graders sat in on the lesson or watched.

In cultural this week: History and Zoology

We had our monthly Botany lesson on Monday with Ms. Rachel.

Level 1s: Timeline of their life

Level 2s: BC/AD timeline

Level 3s: Stratification of rocks

Level 1s: 5 classes of vertebrate sorting

Level 2s: Internal parts of a fish

Level 3s: Porifera (sea sponges) external parts and their role

Friday– last Art session with with Ms. Trudy.  I had a funeral to attend Friday afternoon, so our students worked on scientific method this week with their mentor class from Junior High.  1st and 2nd graders teamed up to observe, predict, and experiment on the pumpkins bought on the field trip.  3rd graders had the challenge of building candy corn towers that were free standing with just the materials they were given.  I heard they had a great time and enjoyed the activities.

Welcome INDEPENDENCE!  Change projects were due Friday and we started presenting them.  Our new focus will be getting to know the 13 colonies of the early USA and knowing the eastern states of the USA in our group geography lessons we do on Thursdays.  I had the students get to know what states were the 13 colonies and I read them a book on the 1st colony, Virginia.  We will be taking a look at each colony more in-depth and working on learning what the Revolutionary War was and why it took place.  As your child reaches Upper Elementary the cycle of the USA will come back and then your student will learn more detail about that time period.

This coming week we will get to part of our schedule.  It will also be a great catching up week.  

Please visit the book fair after school this week and I’ll see you during our PTC this week!

Ms. Kaley and Ms. Misha

Week 7 Recap

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Hi Everyone!  Important info below!  Please read carefully!

Upcoming Week:

Monday– Permission slips for our field trip Tuesday are DUE!  Please make sure you have emailed our room mom, Katie James, to let her know if you are:

  1. Taking your own child to and from the field trip on our wejoinin sign up sheet (that way I can see who is going with who)
  2. If you have extra seats and are willing to do a carpool (please also do that on our wejoinin)
  3. Email Ms. Kaley to let her know if you are chaperoning (if you haven’t already)

Tuesday– Please drop your child at regular time.  We will have a small work cycle in the AM and 3rd graders will do their computer class.  If you are driving, please be at MMA no later than 9:45am.

  1. Please make sure your child has a collared shirt on.  Jeans are allowed! (no holes).  Comfy shoes on
  2. Is dressed for the weather outside.  It is in the 50s this week, so hoodies, jackets etc. are welcome!
  3. A sack lunch.  We will be eating there at the farm
  4. Backpack to hold everything
  5. Water bottle

If you are chaperoning I have groups that our class is split into.  When we get to the farm I will put the students into their groups.  I am hoping to use colored stickers for the groups too.  Chaperones are responsible for watching those children in our classroom to make sure they stay in their assigned group.  We will congregate at 1:40pm to have students catch their rides.

Taking your child home after the field trip (if you are): PLEASE PLEASE call the office in the AM to let them know if you are checking out your child right after the field trip.  If you are returning to MMA after our field trip, you may also come in and sign your child out.  Have your ID ready 🙂

Pumpkins on the field trip are for purchase. If you would like your child to purchase a pumpkin you may provide them with $1 or $2.  I’ve been told that for every 5 pounds it costs $1 more.  1st and 2nd grade students who purchase a pumpkin will keep it in class for the week.  I have a fun scientific method activity they will be doing on Friday.  Students can also weigh, measure, and make stories this week on/about their pumpkin 🙂  3rd graders will be doing a candy corn STEM scientific method activity this Friday 🙂  3rd graders are totally welcome to still purchase a pumpkin and join in on measuring, weighing, and writing about their pumpkin this week too.

Wednesday– Since Tuesday we are on our field trip, we will be missing our normal PE/Music time.  Ms. Jalee and I have switched our days so that our classes can still have PE and Music.  Wednesday our class will make up their PE class from 10:50am-11:20am.  Lunch is after PE and then Music is from 12:20pm-1:10pm.  Cultural lessons afterwards and then we will restore early to provide an end of the day recess for our class.  Please let your child know that this Wednesday will be a little different.

Friday– Fall Festival after school starting at 4pm!  Come join in on the fun!  Purchase your wristbands and tickets to play the games and have your child enjoy the bounce houses and slides!  Food trucks on site for dinner 🙂   CHANGE PROJECT DUE TODAY!  Thank you to those students who brought in their projects early!  We will start sharing them and then display them outside our classroom.


PTC Sign Ups are Ready!

Parent Teacher Conferences are upon us!  Beginning October 15th we will have early outs.  Conferences run in 20 minute increments and begin at 1:30pm.  PTC days are on Oct. 15th, Oct. 16th, and Oct. 17th.  No School on October 18th and 19th.  Please sign up on Track it Forward!  

Monday- https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/439125

Tuesday- https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/439126

Wednesday- https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/439127


Original Art!

A yellow folder went home on Friday that I’m pretty excited about!  Every year, we do a special fundraiser that goes directly to JUST OUR CLASSROOM.  This year, we made a special piece of art for our classroom community- The Red Maples.  Students who are done, brought home that piece of art in the yellow folder.  Student who have been absent or are almost done, will bring their leaf art home very soon.  Your child’s classroom art can be turned into anything on that purchase sheet.  This is also a great time to think about Christmas gifts for family members 🙂  Please please review the papers carefully.  The purchasing is not online this year 🙁  It will be on the purchase form also provided in the yellow folder.  Money raised for our classroom will either go towards:

  1. a field trip for just our class
  2. materials/works for our classroom


Past Week:

This past week our students worked on a writing prompt about which Great Lesson was their favorite and what they liked best about it.  This coming week our students will write a formal assessment also related to the Great Lessons since our time with the theme of CHANGE has now come to an end!  We will now welcome the theme of INDEPENDENCE and students will work on learning about states in the eastern region of the USA, the 13 colonies, and intro to The American Revolution.  We will also look at Eli Whitney as an inventor and continue our study on the scientific method.

Students in our class wrapped up learning about the states in the northeastern region will now see how some of those states will be applied to the 13 colonies.

We made up some cultural lessons in Geography and Botany this week and learned about the Water Cycle as a whole class in science this week.  We also made our first Library trip too this past Friday.


Level 1s: Zones of the Earth

Level 2s: Zones of the Earth

Level 3s: Heat energy


Level 1s: Parts of a plant

Level 2s: Parts of a leaf

Level 3s: Seed germination

Reading Volunteers!

If you have signed up to be a reading volunteer for our classroom I am ready for you to come in!  Please email me if you can come in 1 day each week to help our students with reading goals.  I have sight words, group books, games, and materials for you to help our students with.  Please email me your best day and time you can come in and help out.  Helpers will work with students out in our kiva space or at the student’s work space.  As I gather the list of volunteers and their day they can come in I can then begin our reading volunteers after Fall Break 🙂 Thanks!

Picture Day!

Picture day will be Oct. 22nd.  Forms will be coming soon!

Week 6 Recap

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Hi Everyone!

It came to my attention that the list of projects didn’t post under the projects tab.  Sorry about that!  I had put it on, but it didn’t get saved in order to be updated.  Those project outlines are now up under the Projects tab 🙂

This past week we tried the COW laptops and had all students login and have the program know where they are reading at.  Ms. Misha and I will be making sign in cards and once we get those out then we will have students bring home a copy so they can use the program at home too.  The school is wanting all our students to do 45 minutes per week.  They will at least be getting 20 minutes while at school.  This week only a handful of the laptops will be out so that cultural lessons and Imagine Learning can go on at the same time.

With the early out, the COW, and our salsa making lesson this past Friday, our cultural lessons from last week will be made up this week.

Ms. Leigh’s ErdKinder class visited our room this past Friday and she and I had the children identify different kinds of fruits and veggies and learn how to classify which is which.  After the lesson was over then students helped prepare the ingredients and students got to taste 2 different kinds of fresh salsa.

A social skills lesson our students worked on this week is learning different voice levels and when it is appropriate to use such volumes.  This will be a great segway to our CHAMPS class management system that will help our students be able to know when it is appropriate to use which voice level.

Fall Festival!  Annually MMA hosts a Fall Festival!  This is a time when our students are allowed to show off their Halloween costumes and get to have some fun doing games and events.  In order to help run our Fall Festival the best it can be we do need parent volunteers!  If you log into your Track it Forward, there should be 3 sign ups to choose from.

A message from MAPA:

Purchase your tickets online at:

Any tickets/wristbands purchased online will be available for pickup at the “ticket drive-thru” or at the will call booth the night of the festival. Pre-sale prices are good now thru October 11th.

Ticket Drive Thru dates will be: October 8, 9, 10, & 11 in the north east corner of the North Shore parking lot from 2:45-3:30 pm or October 8 & 10 from 8-8:30 am


October Field Trip!  Our next field trip is approaching!  Our class, Ms. Jill’s, and Ms. Mikaela’s class will going to Gibson’s Green Acres Farm on October 9th.  This is a Tuesday.  We will need parent drivers and also chaperones.  There isn’t a number as to how many chaperones we can have, so if you would like to stay at our field trip, please email me as soon as you can so I can put together groups.  Out of 3 classes, the farm is asking us to split them up into groups of 5.  This will allow each group to rotate through their stations.  Even though some of Ms. Jill’s and Ms. Mikaela’s students will be with some of our students our parent chaperones will only be responsible for those students in our classroom. Permission slips go out tomorrow (Monday), but if you would like to have a digital copy on hand, here is the permission slip.

Please begin to contact our room mother, Katie, of you are able to make a carpool for other students or you are taking your own child.  Please email her this information by Friday October 5th.  Thanks!


Kaley Cover Letter


Parent Teacher Conferences are also on the week of October.  Our first round of conferences will be going over our observations and progress we know so far.  The MMA progress report will be given out and we will begin to make and review goals.  Students are welcome to attend if they would like, but are not required.  We are looking forward to building portfolios for our February PTC.  I will have sign ups for October’s PTC soon 🙂

Have a great upcoming week!

Ms. Kaley and Ms. Misha