Maria Montessori Swap Meet this Monday May 20th

Dear parents,

This Monday May 20th we are running a “Swap Meet,” a  kind of mini-market, with several other upper el classes. This will run in the morning from 9-11 am and students will have the chance to swap goods, or purchase goods using “Montessori money.” They have been earning this money during the weeks previous to the swap meet, through good works, being helpful, going above and beyond etc…

No “normal” US dollars can be used and students are encouraged to be courteous and honest in their transactions. Typically, students can earn between $15-25 of Montessori money in school prior to the meet.

Students can bring baked goods from home (cupcakes, cookies, brownies etc…) and other items they want to swap or sell. School policy still applies though, meaning no candy, soda, weapons, or potentially offensive material can be brought. Also, due to the new Junior High build, we will not be able to run electricity to the black top where it will be held.

After the meet we will hold a meeting with the students to see who was the most successful, what goods sold the best, what were the best selling strategies etc…

As usual, email me any other questions you may have.

Thank you!


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