First Week

Hello All,

The first week of school is over and it was a wonderful week. It has been so fun seeing all the returning students and getting to know all the new students. I am so excited for this year and all the learning and growing we will do together.

I am so excited to invite you all to a family luncheon that the school will be holding this coming Thursday, August 22, from 12 o’clock noon to 1:00 pm. We would love for you to come and enjoy lunch with our class from 12 to 12:30 and then play some team building games until 1 pm. I realize this is short notice and hope that many of you will be able to take some time to come by even if it is just during your lunch and only for part of the time. We are eager to get to know those of you that are new to our school and/or class and to get reacquainted with those of you we haven’t seen since summer started. I truly hope we get to see you all there. It will be a fun time to enjoy lunch together and play games and have a relaxing time. Please make sure your child has a sack lunch that does not need to be heated up for that day and bring one for yourself as well as a blanket if you would like.

We did a lot of fun getting to know you games and team building games. We will continue to do more get to know you things and more team building throughout the next couple weeks and also throughout the year. We have also been learning grace and courtesy. This includes things like walking respectfully in the halls, how to reply to someone who greets you, and washing hands as well as many other things. Though we hit on these hard at the beginning of the year, we will continually practice them and review them as needed throughout the year.

This week we will begin some works. We will ease into our work cycle by doing a few works a day and adding as the students are ready. Along with our regular math and language works, we will have many practical life works for the students to practice. These are things that will help your child learn to do everyday activities that are needed in life, such as sorting and folding clothes.

We will also be starting our Great Lessons this week. These Great Lessons are The Birth of the Universe, The Coming of  Life, The Coming of Man, History of Language, and History of Math. These lessons are designed to spark the children’s curiosity and wonder. Since we are a lower elementary classroom, we do not dig super deep into all these areas. We teach the children about theories and share with them that these great lessons are theories and may or may not be true, and that they are someone’s best guess. We invite the children to share their theories, and stress that the most important theory for them is the one taught in their homes. If you have any questions about The Great Lessons please feel free to email me. You can also visit this cite for more info.

I have posted the Year at a Glance for our classroom at the top of the blog. Please take a look at it and mark important dates on your personal calendar. I have not yet included field trips and home projects as all the details on these have not been finalized. I will get this information to you as soon as I have it.

Again, I am so excited for this fun new year and the great relationships and positive atmosphere we will get to enjoy.

Take care!


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Family Picnic

Family luncheon

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School Monday

Hello Everyone!

School starts Monday! Can you believe it? I was so excited to see so many of you and your children tonight at the back to school night. We are going to have an amazing year! I will create some pages at the top of the blog with the documents I had available tonight. That way you can all have access to them.

I am sending this message via email as well as putting it on my blog. PLEASE subscribe to my blog if you have not already. It is my main means of communication. To do this visit To the right under the calendar you will see where you can click to subscribe. Please open the email it sends you or you will not be subscribed.

A few reminders as we start the year:

This week is our first week back to school. The doors open at 8:15 a.m. and school starts at 8:30 a.m. All days are early out days so please plan on picking your child up at 1 p.m. We will be having lunch everyday so still pack a lunch for your child. If you send something that needs heated up, please keep it to about one minute. This allows all kids who need to, to use the microwave and still have time to eat. If you were unable to get supplies to the school this past week, please feel free to send them next week.

When you drop your child off in the morning, please do not walk your child into the school. For the first week of school, either the assistant or teacher will be standing in front of the school with a sign so your child can wait with them. This way, they won’t get lost on their way to class. Either Ms. Tiffany or myself will be waiting out front for your class.

As you are dropping off and picking up your children, please use your best grace and courtesy. Remember, we all love our children and want them to be safe so stay off your cell phone and stay alert. Please take a look at this map to familiarize yourself with where to go. MMA Carpool 19-20 (1)

A few other helpful things to remember to help you while you are dropping off or picking up are
1. please pull forward. If there is space in front of you, pull forward.
2.Pay attention at all times, children will step out in front of you.
3.PLEASE STAY OFF YOUR PHONE. It is not wise to be on your phone while you are driving and especially in a parking lot of over 400 children.
4.Please do as directed by the teachers who are directing traffic.
5. Please stay in your car if you are using the pickup lanes.
6.Use the crosswalk, model this behavior for the children.
7.Ask for help if you need it.
8.Finally, please be patient. We are all new to this traffic pattern and it will all work out if with work together.

If you have not been able to sign up for snack, here is the link:

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Supply List for 2019-20

Hello Everyone,

I know we don’t have school for a couple months and we just got out of school next week, but for anyone that wants to get a jump on things, here is the supply list for next school year.

Jalee supply list 2019-20

This year we are also supplying you with our supply list on Amazon Smile. You can order your supplies there and have them sent to the school if you would like. I will share with you that using Amazon may not be the most cost effective choice for getting your supplies but it will be easy. It also lets you see the supplies I am talking about in case you are unsure. For things like the headphones, you do not have to order the ones I have on my Amazon list, you can do something like earbuds. It really depends on what your child will be comfortable with. Each level has a few different things on their list so please make sure you are looking at the correct level. I would encourage you to look at both lists even if you are just using one or the other. They are the same, the PDF document just has more on it such as slippers and water bottle.

Amazon Smile

As always, please feel free to email me with any questions about this.

Don’t forget about the school pool party next week, June 7, at North Shore from 6-9.

Hope to see you other.



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Have a Great Summer

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe that we made it through this last school year? There were definitely ups and downs but what a good year it truly was. Thank you everyone for all you support and love and care. Sara and I could not do our jobs without your support. We love your children and are grateful to you for trusting us with their care and education.

I hope you all have an amazing summer. We will miss the students who will not be returning to our class next year and wish you all the best of luck. We look forward to another amazing new year with our returning and new friends. The new school year starts August 12.

Don’t forget about the pool party on Friday, June 7th from 6-9 at North Shore Aquatic Center. Even if you are not returning to MMA next year, please come and have a wonderful time. Hope to see you all there!

Again, thank you all and have a great summer.


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Summer Reading Program

A fun reading opportunity for students this summer.

School Digital Postcard (2)

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Movie Tomorrow


We will be watching the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tomorrow in celebration of finishing the book. Students may not bring blankets and pillows but they may bring a small stuffed animal to watch the movie with.

Thanks for all you do.


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Field Day Pictures

Even though it was raining and cold and we couldn’t go outside for field day, the students had a great time at “gym” day yesterday. Here are some fun pictures.


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Last Week of School

Hello Everyone,

I cannot believe we are down to the last week of school already. This year seems to have flown by but also gone super slow. Unfortunately, it is not supposed to be warm this last week of school. It is supposed to be 50s and rainy so please make sure you child wears warm clothing and brings a jacket or coat to school. Unless it is extremely rainy, we will be going outside to recess.

Don’t forget to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences. They are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting at 1:40 p.m. There are still plenty of sign ups available. Please go to Track it Forward to sign up for a slot. Your children will be presenting their work, so please bring them with you to their conference if possible. Here is the link: Also, if you are able, I know both MAPA and us teachers would be grateful if you could sign up to help with the PTC dinners. The book fair will also be open in the library during conferences. It is by one get one free.
Monday is our only full day of school this week. Tuesday – Friday are all half days. Please arrange for your child to be picked up at 1 p.m. these days.

Here is the schedule for bridging ceremonies this week:

Monday, May 20th – Early Childhood Bridging – 10:30am – Addition Gym
All kindergarten families are invited to see their child welcomed into lower elementary.

Tuesday, May 21st – Lower Elementary Bridging – 10:30am – Addition Gym
All 3rd grade families are invited to see their child welcomed into upper elementary.

Wednesday, May 22nd – Upper Elementary Bridging Ceremony – 10:30am – Addition Gym
All 6th grade families are invited to see their child welcomed to junior high.

Wednesday we will be watching the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a class. We have been reading the book and hope to have it finished by Wednesday.

This Thursday is crazy day, students can wear crazy socks, hats, or have crazy hair. This Friday is sport or tie-dye day. Students can wear their favorite sports memorabilia or tie-dye.

Friday is the last day of school. We will be cleaning up the classroom this week and sending home all your student’s things. Please make sure they bring a backpack this week. We will be sending things home everyday and they need a way to carry it.

Enjoy your last week of kids in school.



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Field Day Tomorrow

Hello Everyone,

We made our carrot cake cupcakes today. All the kids got to add an ingredient and mix it in. Unfortunately, when Ms. Sara and I planned we didn’t take into account the cooling time so the cupcakes were very warm when it was time to go home so we didn’t get to eat them. However, we will enjoy them as a pre-field day snack tomorrow morning. A HUGE thanks to Ms. Sara for taking on the responsibility of cooking. She is very talented at it.

On that note, do not forget that tomorrow morning is field day. It is supposed to be in the 50s and if it is not pouring rain, we will be outside. Please make sure your children are dressed for the weather. I would recommend pants and a jacket. Since we will be doing a lot of physical activities, students should wear good shoes for being active and running. Tomorrow is also a dress down day. Students do not need to wear a collar and they can have patterns on their shirts and pants. Please still no characters.

Thank you for all you do. Do not forget to get on track it forward to sign up for conferences next week and teacher dinners if you are able.

I look forward to seeing you next week.


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