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Dear Parents,

These students did not bring their project on the day they signed for. Please make sure they complete their project tonight, in order to present tomorrow. Please read the April classroom update for further details, on this months home project. Please help keep students accountable for the day they signed up for, according to the sign up sheet that was posted. Thank you for the support.










Miss Elise

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Dear Parents,

You are invited to join us for a lovely afternoon of Mother’s Day Tea. This event will be taking place in the North Kiva, across from our classroom, on May 9th, at 1:30. If mothers are unable to make it, grandmas, aunts, or even dads, are welcome to substitute. Children will bring home an invitation this week. They look forward to serving, and entertaining you! Space is limited, to one guest per child, if possible. If you are expecting additional guests please RSVP to see if we have room.

Please see the link to make donations for this event.



Miss Elise

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Dear Parents,

Here is the most recent Montessori Moments. Please read and make important dates on your calendar.


Miss Elise

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Dear Parents,

We will be doing store this Friday the 21st . Students will be given Maria money to use at the store. I asked students to come up with their own ideas, for what booth they want at the store. Please don’t go to the store, and buy items for this event. I have given them ideas such as: drawing pictures, making bracelets, hair styling etc. I also reminded the students that their will no exchanges, or refunds. All sales are final. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Miss Elise

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Dear Parents,

Here are the April home project sign-ups:

Monday April 24th Tuesday April 25 Wednesday April 26th Thursday April 27th
Morning Wyatt Morning Marley Morning Halia Morning Lilly
Dash Ava Kam Ariana
Indra Gavin
After Lunch Dalin After Lunch Boen After Lunch Matthew After Lunch Randi
P. E Rueger Madden Gen
and Samantha Emmy
Bridger Cameron
Afternoon Aysa Afternoon Brylie Afternoon Evee Afternoon Celia
Taige Lilli


Miss Elise

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Dear Parents,

The spring choir concert is coming up! All the information can be found at this link.


Miss Elise

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Dear Parents,

We will be testing for SAGE writing on Wednesday, April 19th. Please make sure that your child:

-Goes to bed early

– Has a good breakfast

– Packs a “well-balanced” lunch

Please bring:

-Additional snacks

– Water bottle (if they don’t have one in the classroom)

They have all been working very hard to prepare for this test! Wish them luck!


Miss Elise

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Dear Parents,

Our home project for this month is: Earth Day/Community Service Project. This month we will be learning about how to do our part in taking care of the earth. I would like students to pick a project that is ether helpful to the earth or the community.

Here are some ideas:

Plant trees or wildflowers.

• Plant produce. Donate the harvest to a local food bank.

• Plant seeds. Sell the flowers or plants and donate the proceeds to a local organization in need.

• Pick up litter at a park.

• Put on a play at your school, a fair or festival about local environmental or human needs issues.

• Make treats for a local senior home.

• Improve the school grounds.

• Develop and maintain a recycling program at school.

• Collect food, warm clothing, toys, or personal care items for the needy. Deliver to shelters. Remember shelters are in need of supplies all year long!

• Hold a Teddy Bear and Friends (Stuffed Animals) Drive.
Donate the collected animals to a Homeless Shelter for new arrivals. Also…check with your local police station or fire station. Many are happy to take Teddy and Friends; a teddy bear can be a comfort to children in times of distress.

•Make center pieces, holiday cards, birthday cards, and notes for assisted living facilities, children hospital wards, or meals on wheels.

•Donate old eye glasses to an organization or place that recycles them for the needy.

•Collect old stuffed animals and dolls, clean them up, repair and then donate them.

•Collect old clothes and donate them for a dress-up area at a daycare or family shelter.

•Make a holiday basket for someone in need or crisis.

•Put together a care-package for service men/women.

•Form a litter patrol on school or park ground.

I understand that some of these projects may take more than a few weeks to complete. In that case, present on the process and what you are planning to do in the future.

It is the students responsibly to complete the project, and bring it to school. Please help and remind them not to wait until the last minute. They have 2 weeks to complete this project. I will be posting the sign-up sheet soon. These projects are mandatory.

Birthdays for the Month and Summer birthdays: Please email me to schedule a Celebration of Life. 

Wyatt- 4/20

Samantha- 4/24


Dash- 5/26







Snack Reminders:

April 17th-21st- Mykah

April 24th-28th- Rueger

May 1st-5th- Bridger

May 8th-12th- EMPTY SPACE

May 15th-19th- Rueger

May 22-26- Mykah

Field Trip

Maria Montessori Academy

Field Experience on


Ogden Nature Center- Birds

966 W 12th St, Ogden, UT 84404

The lead instructor is Elise Jankord (801) 827-0150 or ejankord@mariamontessoriacademy.org

We will be going to the Ogden Nature Center to learn about Birds. All levels are learning or have learned about birds in our Zoology curriculum.

What you will do and what you will learn
  • We will go to the Nature Center and learn about Birds. This will be a guided tour with activities.
What you will need to wear or bring
  • Clothing pertaining to weather conditions
  • Good walking shoes
Our Schedule
  • Meet at North Shore (private drivers) at 12:00 leave at 12:15
  • Arrive at Nature Center at 12:30
  • Leave at 2:30
  • Arrive at school at 2:45
Who to contact about carpools
  • Jen Noyes noyesbush@msn.com
  • Sara Johansen karmakat124@gmail.com
  • Please give them plenty of notice so that all students can enjoy this experience.

Cultural Update: 

Continent Study: Europe

Level 1’s- the human body, introduction, nutrition,physical activity, hygiene

Level 2’s– sense organs, sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch

Level 3’s– body systems, introduction, circulatory, skeletal, digestive, respiratory

At Home Assignments:

Blue Folders: 

Please stay consistent with bringing back the blue folders every Friday. Please check your student’s backpack on Monday, and complete the assignments every night. This is making a huge difference in your child’s reading. Please let me know if these are not getting home. I hand them to each child Monday afternoon. Keep in mind these are daily assignments, the repetition of reading every night, helps with their fluency, in addition to word recognition.

MYON: Please read aloud, 3-5 times a week- Everyone- books about Europe


Level 1’s- Measurement P:1-12, Money Q: 1-12, Patterns R:1-7

Level 2’s- Subtraction three digit J: 1-8, Properties K: 1-5, Mixed Operations L:1-17

Level 3’s- Mixed Operations M: 1-13, Properties N:1-10, Estimation and Rounding P:1-11


Miss Elise

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Dear Parents,

Here is the most recent Montessori Moments. Please read, and mark important dates on your calendar.


Miss Elise