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Dear Parents,

Our home project for this month is: If I were president, or pick a president. Students can choose what they would do, if they were elected president, or they can research their favorite president. It is the students responsibly to complete the project, and bring it to school. Please help and remind them not to wait until the lat minute. They have 3 weeks to complete this project. I will be posting the sign-up sheet soon. These projects are mandatory.

We will be having a Valentine celebration on February the 17th. I would like students to make valentines. We currently have 30 students in our class.

Gala Donations: 

Snack Reminders:

February 6th-10th- Aysa

February  13th-17th- Boen

February 21st-24th- Marley

February 27th- March 3rd- Bridger

We are going on a field trip to the Natural History Museum, in Salt Lake City on February 23rd. If you would like to help with rides, please contact Jen Noyes-noyesbush@msn.com  and Sara Johansen KARMAKAT124@GMAIL.COM

Spelling Bee: We will be having our annual Spelling Bee on February 28th.
 February 21st-24th: SpellCheck Tests!
o These tests will be done in the classroom to determine the top three spellers from each room.
 Friday, February 24th : The top three students will be chosen from each classroom to participate in the school-wide spelling bee.
 Tuesday February 28th: School-wide spelling bees will take place in the gymnasium!
o LE- 9-10am
o UE- 11-12pm
o Junior High-1:30-2:30pm
The top two students from the school will go to the State Spelling Bee in March!
Your support is crucial in the following areas;
• Encourage your student’s participation.
• Help your students learn to correctly spell the 50 words and then move on to spell as many as possible!
I hope that you share our excitement about our school’s participation in the Great American SpellCheck.

Cultural Update: 

Continent Study: Europe

Level 1’s– compass, land forms, telling time, study of birds, and roots

Level 2’s– rock types, planets, body systems, study of leaves

Level 3’s-Dinosaurs, echinoderms, starfish, sea urchins, pressure, weather instruments, recording weather

At Home Assignments:

Blue Folders: 

Please stay consistent with bringing back the blue folders every Friday. Please check your student’s backpack on Monday, and complete the assignments every night. This is making a huge difference in your child’s reading. Please let me know if these are not getting home. I hand them to each child Monday afternoon. Keep in mind these are daily assignments, the repetition of reading every night, helps with their fluency, in addition to word recognition.

MYON: Please read aloud, 3-5 times a week- Everyone- books about Europe


Level 1’s- Counting and Number Patterns- A:13-20  Addition Skill Builders C:1-10 Subtraction Strategies I-1-4

Level 2’s- Addition 2 digit G: 1-16 , Subtraction 2 digit H:1-12

Level 3’s- Multiplication Skill Builders F: 1-13, Division Skill Builders J:1-12


Miss Elise


Elaine Hunt on 24 February, 2017 at 1:37 pm #

I am Jace & Rueger Harris grand mother. My Husband and I are interested in helping with their next field trip. Please advise if this request is possible.

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