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Free Performance of MAMMA MIA Junior High Students Only

Hello parents,

The Weber High School Theatre Department invited the Junior High students of MMA to attend their final dress rehearsal for free. This is on Wednesday, October 30th at 7:00pm. This is for MMA JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS ONLY. Parents and Guardians, you may drop off your student at Weber High School as early as 6:45pm and pick them up at 9:20pm.


Because our Junior High students aren’t issued IDs, I have spoken to Mr. Daniels, the director, and got the okay for our students to not have an ID. Please keep this to Junior High students only. No younger siblings allowed. Older siblings, with a high school ID, will be admitted.

Junior High and High School students in the area have also been invited, so if your student has a friend that attends a different school, they all have the opportunity to attend Mamma Mia for free on October 30th with a student ID (non-MMA student).

Any questions, let me know!

Ms. Dore

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Parent Login for Canvas

My apologies for not staying completely current with the blog, but I do want to get this important piece of information out to you all. It is the instructions for parent access to Canvas. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Parent Access to CANVAS – STEP-BY-STEP (1) (1)

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Let’s Get Organized!

This week students have been working diligently on research in ELA, career discovery in CCA, and organization skills in Advisory. I would like to ask that all students please come in with their supplies this coming week. Lists were handed out and they are on my blog. It’s very important that students develop a routine in class as this helps them to remain on task and to complete their assignments when they are prepared with their supplies. Please check to the right of this page where it says “Supplies” and click on the links for the subjects your child has with me.


In ELA, students have been working on research. The beginning of the year in the Montessori classroom is spent on The Great Lessons. We reviewed what this is, and focused on The Fourth Great Lesson: History of Language. Students researched a type of writing covered in the History of Language. 7th graders are compiling their research into a paragraph. 8th and 9th graders compiled their research into a slideshow presentation. We also spent time in class doing assessments. Each student answered a writing prompt and were given grammar assessments as well as a pre-test based on the material we will be covering this semester in class. Lastly, they are working on their Book Talks. The time set aside for reading and assessments have been structured with research time filling in the rest of the class period. Students are discovering their personal work habits and limits, and this is very important for them to understand that the work cycle they were used to in elementary will look differently in junior high.


Students continued to explore career pathways that suit their interests and researched the level of education and salary for each career in which they expressed interest. Some interesting discoveries were made. For example, a chef could fall under the hospitality career cluster or the agriculture career cluster depending on what they plan on doing as a chef. We will end this unit early next week and then begin to delve into the 13 career clusters more in depth.


In Advisory, we have had a community meeting, lessons on using their student planner, and solo time where students can do work for their classes. The students are in the full swing of completing their daily jobs, and we are waiting to receive our grant coupons from Petco so that I can purchase our class pet. The students are really excited!

Thank you all for your support, and as always, please contact me with any questions or concerns at delmer@mariamontessoriacademy.org

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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Full Days and First Assignment

Monday’s Field Experience, despite a minor setback, was a success! Students learned to work in a group to make a boat out of cardboard, duct tape, and plastic. While we weren’t able to get the boats in the water, the children did have a blast swimming when we were done building.

The rest of this week was spent solidifying new routines in ELA and learning about career clusters in CCA.

English Language Arts

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we began Independent Reading. This is done for the first 20 minutes of class. After that, we reviewed my course disclosures so that students are aware of my academic expectations of them. We did this as a friendly game of Jeopardy. Doing this reinforced what they need to bring to the table for their own success.

Students received their first assignment this week which is tied to Independent Reading. They will be doing a Book Talk. There is a written component, a visual aid component, and a presentation component. Students were given the assignment and rubric in class on Thursday and Friday. The due date for this assignment is October 7th.

We also did a writing prompt about their Willard Bay Experience. The requirements of this prompt varied, seventh grade responded with a fewer sentence minimum and ninth graders responding with four full paragraphs. It was refreshing to see students remember my expectations about assignments and expressing their concerns about finishing on time. This prompt was an assessment so that I can see each child’s ability and develop plans to work on areas of improvement.

This coming week we will begin The Great Lessons with an emphasis on The Story of Language.

College and Career Awareness

On Tuesday and Wednesday, students were introduced to the 13 career clusters that we will be learning about all year in class. Our lesson began with an activity where students dug into a bag that contained slips of paper with a different career on each paper. There were some duplicates that represented a particular field having more of a demand than others. We observed and discussed the thought processes of a few students as they were searching for their careers in a baggie. Students were able to see how some already know what they want to be, hence they just dug around the bag looking for that particular career while others picked one, looked to see if they would like it, and discarded it back to the bag if they weren’t interested. We related it to how people really do look for a job.

On Thursday and Friday, students received their computer logins and were able to get in and take an interests quiz to see which was their dominant personality. This allowed students to see which careers fits their interests, and in turn, which career cluster they should focus on in the future. For more information, visit utahfutures.org, scroll to assessments, and click on “Interest Profiler”.

This coming week we will conclude with one more assessment, will look over careers again but this time based on the personality and interest profilers, and begin learning about the agriculture cluster.

Students, rest up this weekend! After a week of full days, you deserve it!

Ms. Dore

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First Week is in the Books!

Hello Parents!

The first week has come to a close and since not all students have Canvas logins yet, I will provide this week’s update here.

The first three days of the week were spent in our advisory groups. We picked house names and students got to know their teachers through rotations. Each teacher presented to the students on topics like Grace and Courtesy, Scheduling, Dress Code, Canvas, What is Montessori, and Cell Phone/Computer Use. During this time, students were reacquainted with policies of old and learned about new ones, too. It was also a thing of beauty to see students engaged in friendly debate, discussing whether or not they agreed that “Technology is ruining their lives!” They all participated by taking a stance, and some even argued for the opposing stance because I challenged them to strengthen their own argument by being able to argue from the other side. I see a great debate team in the making!

The last two days of the week were spent in their classes. In English Language Arts and College and Career Awareness, students became acquainted with class expectations as well as the reassessment, late work, and grading policies. Students also spent some time in groups discussing the course disclosures and we will be reviewing them again on Tuesday and Wednesday.

For English class, I am asking that students bring a novel for independent reading. These books should be at least 200 pages. The expectation is for students to complete the book by midterm and prepare a book talk to be given to a small group. I do have a small classroom library as well, but students may not take books home.

For my Advisory class, I ask that they each bring a plant. This will give each of them something to care for in class. I am working on securing a class pet. The students voted on getting a leopard gecko. I have also reached out to each of you parents by either phone or e-mail about our first annual luncheon. If you did not hear from me, please let me know via email at delmer@mariamontessoriacademy.org

Family lucheon

On Monday, we will be going on our first Field Experience. Most permission slips have been turned in. Click here for more information and if you have questions that are not answered on the Junior High blog, please contact me.

Lastly, it would be helpful if all school supplies were brought in the next time your student has class with me. For example, if the next time your student has my class is on Wednesday, that would be when supplies are brought in. The supply list is on this blog, click on the link corresponding to your child’s class on the right. I also gave the list to your students in class last week.

Thank you all for your support!

–Ms. Dore

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Welcome Back MMA Students!

Hello Students and Parents,

I am the new English Language Arts and College and Career Awareness teacher and am looking forward to this school year. I will use this blog for general information, like school supplies. You will find a link for school supplies on the right for each class including Advisory. Once the school year begins and all students have Canvas logins, I will be keeping a blog there as it is private to those in my classes only. Students, some of your classwork will be in Canvas and some will be done on paper. Your grades will be kept on Canvas. Parents, you will be able to view your student’s Canvas account.

The office at Maria Montessori Academy is following their summer hours of Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00-2:00. We will have a Back-to-School night on Friday, August 9th, 3:00-6:00 and I hope to meet many of you then! Enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Ms. Dore


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