Thank You

I want to thank everyone for our wonderful school year and for sharing your amazing children with me each and everyday.  They are a light in my life and I will truly miss each and every one of them.  Thank you for the thoughtful gifts and notes over the pass couple of weeks.  I feel it is an amazing gift to watch each of your children learn and grow.  I wish you all a wonderful summer and best wishes in all of your new adventures.

Next Two Weeks

May 17th is the 9th grade graduation at 5:30 p.m. We also have field *Field Day– Please watch the weather!  The kids are going to be outside and if it is rainy, windy, or chilly then they need to be dressed in layers to be comfortable.  I’m hoping the rain will hold off on Friday, but please prepare them!  Sunscreen is also advised.  Water bottles are needed. We will also be having our Friday Shows this day.

May 20th at 10:30am will be the kindergarten bridging ceremony in the junior high gym. If you have a kindergartner and would like their sibling from our class to attend, please come to our classroom to pick them up and take them to the gym.

May 20th is our last full day of school and then the rest of the week will be early outs.

May 21st will be 3rd Graders Bridging Ceremony at 10:30am in the junior high gym. Early out at 1pm and beginning of PTC at 1:30pm.

May 22nd will be upper elementary’s bridging ceremony at 10:30am in the junior high gym. If you want your child to see their 6th grader at their ceremony, please come by our classroom and escort them with you to the gym. Early out at 1pm. PTC at 1:30pm

May 23rd is crazy hair/hat/sock day.  We will also clean out lockers on this day, so please send backpacks to carry items home. Early out at 1pm. Last day of PTC.

May 24th is the last day of school.  It be sports/tie dye day.  Students may wear their favorite sports team apparel and or tie dye.  Yearbooks will be distributed and the kids will get to go around and sign each others yearbooks, I will provide autograph books for those students who did not purchase a yearbook.  We will be outside part of this day watching the annual kickball game. Please dress for the weather.  Early out at 1pm.

Some students have asked about the teacher appreciation schedule for this week, I told them I would send a post:

Teacher Appreciation Week: Week of May 13th

Monday- Students show their best Grace and Courtesy towards teachers and staff on this day. Giving your teachers a hug.

Tuesday- Flower Day.  Bring flowers or make a flower for both your teachers.

Wednesday- Make a picture, write a nice note, poem etc. for each of your teachers.

Thursday- Drink day!  Bring a drink for your teacher on this day.

Friday- Field Day and spirit day/donate a supply day.  Students may dress down for field day and can wear their teacher’s favorite colors.

Please remember to sign up for PTC on Track It Forward.

Friday Shows

I wanted to let you know that the students have been requesting to have “Friday Shows”, which is our classroom version of a talent show.  I have granted their wish for this Friday, May 10th and next Friday, May 17th.  The students will sign up, if they want, to perform for their class during our lunch time.  They will be allowed no more than 3 minutes for their performance.  If your child is asking to bring something to school in order to share their talent, they may, and I will be happy to keep any necessary items in my office for the day.  If needed, I have access to most music via Spotify, so they likely will not need to bring anything for music.  In order to allow opportunities for all students, they will only get to perform on either the 10th or 17th.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me.  We are excited to see what they choose to share.


End of Year Store

During the month of May, students are able to earn classroom currency.  This helps to reinforce their knowledge of money and utilize it in a practical life application within the classroom.  On Thursday, May 23rd, students will have their store day.  Each student will open their own business and will also be able to shop other stores using their classroom currency.  Students may choose to create their own business, but should not go to an actual store to purchase things to sell.  Some ideas from the past: a students who collects rocks opened a rock shop, a child who enjoys drawing opened an art store, a child who loves writing created books, magic tricks, and so much more.  I have had students make slime, friendship bracelets, origami, play dough, sculptures, etc.  Students may also sell old/ unwanted items,  if the value is more than a dollar, please send a note signed that they have permission to sell the items.  Also, I will allow for students to sell trinkets, such as birthday party favors and such, again, only if you have these items in excess at home, they should not be purchased for the sake of store.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

Chaperone Letter For Our Field Trip Tomorrow

Dear Chaperones,

Thank you so much for offering to chaperone our upcoming field trip to Clark
Planetarium. We will be taking Frontrunner to and from the planetarium. In order to
ensure a safe and fun trip for everyone, we wanted to provide you with some guidelines.

● For the safety of our students, please guarantee that the students you have been
asked to chaperone are always with you and that you can always see them.
Even if students are with a buddy, please do not allow them to go somewhere on
their own. If students need to use the restroom, please escort them and wait
outside the bathroom or stall if appropriate.
● On the train, please sit near the students you are responsible for, if possible next
to or across from them. During the short walk from the train station to the
planetarium, please keep the students you have been asked to chaperone with
● On the field trip we are all representing our school. If students are misbehaving
or acting in a way that is not acceptable at the place visiting, please kindly
redirect them. Do not allow students to run up and down the aisles of the train or
to wander around. They should be sitting with their pockets on the seat, feet off
the seats.
● We will not be the only people on the train. If needed please remind students to
leave other’s things alone and talk with a quiet, school appropriate voice.
Again, we want to thank you for your willingness to help make our field trip a
success. Without you, we would not be able to attend as many field trips as we have.
As a chaperone, students are expected to treat you with respect and grace and courtesy. Please help by respectfully redirecting them as needed. You are a vital part of our MMA community and we appreciate all you do.

Sincerely Yours
MMA Lower Elementary Team

Field Trip Tomorrow


Don’t forget tomorrow is our field trip.  Meet at the Frontrunner at 8:10 a.m.  Students need a sack lunch, water bottle, small backpack, good shoes for walking, and clothing for the weather.  We will be outside a good portion of the time, including our lunchtime.

Parents are welcome to join.  All of the chaperone passes have been claimed, but we would still love your support, you would just need to pay for your Frontrunner pass.

If for some reason your child will not be attending, please send me an email by 7:30 a.m.