Some Awesome Art Happening at MMA

Grinding Lapis Lazuli

Grinding lapis lazuli for ultramarine blue pigment

Story of Color

Testing the glowing pigment and other materials in the Story of Color

Experimentation with pigments

Testing seashells as a pigment

Delicate Gold Leaf

Handling the delicate gold leaf

Color Theory Works

Our first works with Color Theory

Origin of the Universe

Impressionistic artworks on the Origin of the Universe

Story of My Life

Story of My Life collages

Gold Leaf

Gold leaf on parchment

Origin of the Universe

Impressionistic artwork on the Origin of the Universe

Practice Portfolio

Beautiful Geometry of Color Theory

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You and your child will need to sign the syllabus.

I sent home 1 copy with every student.

Here are the digital versions if you need an additional copy.

The syllabus is due signed on Tuesday, Sept. 19

Thank you!

Art 3 syllabus PDF

Art 2 syllabus PDF

Art 1 syllabus PDF

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Welcome to 2017-2018 MMA Art!


Welcome to the new school year. Use this blog for updates on art field trips and posts of exceptional examples of student artwork made throughout the year.

The following is a suggested supply list for art students:

Art 1: art markers (any type of colorful markers that you like to use!)

Art 2: painter’s palette

Art 3: sketch book

All Art Classes: super glue or other heavy duty glue (optional)

So excited to see everyone next week!!!

Here is some amazing local artwork for your viewing pleasure…
(and maybe even a fun destination for one last hurrah on the last weekend of summer!  1.5 hour north-west of our school, driving directions below…)

by Robert Smithson Great Salt Lake 1970

The Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson. Great Salt Lake. Created in 1970.

Directions to Spiral JettySee you soon :)

-Ms Andria Yost

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