Supply List for the 2019-2020 School Year

Ms. April 2019-20 school year

If there are any updates, I will let you know.

NOTICE: The items on this list will be used during the regular school Day. They may be brought from home on a voluntary basis, otherwise they will be furnished by the school.

Supply List—Please include your child’s name on the following items:

• Water bottle with close-able lid. Please make it a water bottle that can be closed easily. Water bottles that students have to unscrew to drink out of are not ideal as the students spill the more often.
• 1 – 1 1/2  inch Presentation View 3 ring binder

• 1 graphing paper composition notebook
• 2 regular composition notebooks
• 2 Primary composition notebooks– 1st and 2nd graders only. Labeled with
• Pencil pouch/case
• 1 package of 4-6 glue sticks
• 1 pack washable markers
• Large package of Crayola twist-up colored pencils (not twist-up crayons)
• Head phones-wired (for use with computers)
• Slippers with sturdy soles.  (MMA Parent Handbook: All students need
to have a soft sole shoe/slipper that must be worn at all times while in the
building. The slipper needs to be free from logos, lettering, graphics, sparkles,
sheen, decorative accents, and characters. *Note: a small pattern is acceptable.

—Names not needed on the following items:

• 3 packages wide ruled paper
• Number 2 Ticonderoga pencils (I know this is specific and this brand tends to
be more expensive, but the quality of these pencils makes up for it. They last
longer and do not break as easily.)
• 1 package fine- point dry-erase markers
• Optional-wooden or plastic clipboard, regular paper sized
• 1 large container antibacterial wipes
• 1 large box of tissues

Please do not send pens for the students to use.

For a suggested list of supplies please view my Ms. April’s 2019-20 school supply list on Amazon at the link below:
Amazon List

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