Last Week of School

Well the Year is at an End….

This has been an amazing journey !  I attended a Montessori Training to gain a little more knowledge for the position I had previously  and knew that I wanted to be involved with teaching children the Montessori Way.  A position opened as a TA for Ms. Jill and soon after the opening for the Lead.

I have loved being with your children this year and have learned so much . I am excited to continue this journey with your children next year and Know that we will learn so much from EACH OTHER!  I am loving what I am learning from the training and I am very excited to share that learning in my class.

Thank you all for the patience and understanding .

Here is looking at what we have for the rest of the week:

Bridging Ceremonies

Tuesday, May 21st – Lower Elementary Bridging – 10:30am – Addition Gym

All 3rd grade families are invited to see their child welcomed into upper elementary.

Wednesday, May 22nd – Upper Elementary Bridging Ceremony – 10:30am – Addition Gym

Parent Teacher Conferences

 Parent Teacher Conferences will be held May 21st-23rd, 2019 between 1:40pm-6:30pm. The conferences will be led by our students using their portfolios. All students should attend our Elementary conferences. Go to Track it Forward to make your appointments.

Spirit Days

In order to reduce the amount of end of year chaos and not have children dressed crazy during bridging ceremonies, spirit week will consist of 2 spirit days this school year:Thursday, May 23th – Crazy sock and/or hair day

Friday, May 24th – Wear your favorite tie-dye and/or sports team attire

The final countdown

5/21-23/19 — Parent Teacher Conferences; Book Fair 1:40-6:30pm (Early Release)

5/21/19 –Lower Elementary bridging ceremony, 10:30am

5/22/19 — Upper Elementary bridging ceremony, 10:30am

5/24/19 –Last day of school (Early Release)

6/7/19 — MMA Pool Party at North Shore 6-9pm

Thank you Thank you!!

Many of you parents brought snack in!  I believe we are good until the end. Thank you so much!!

We are finishing up this week with spelling, writing, and learning how we can take care of our world.  Ask the kids their thoughts on this and what they can do to make a difference.

Parent Teacher Conferences are next week.  If you have not already done so, please sign up on


5/13-17/19 — Junior High Open House

5/15/19 — Box Top Store

5/17/19 — 9th Grade Graduation; Field Day

5/20/19 — Early Childhood bridging ceremony, 10:30am

5/21-24/19 — Early Release, Parent Teacher Conferences; Book Fair 1:00-7:00pm

5/21/19 –Lower Elementary bridging ceremony, 10:30am

5/22/19 — Upper Elementary bridging ceremony, 10:30am

5/24/19 –Last day of school

6/7/19 — MMA Pool Party at North Shore 6-9pm

This first year has been a bit of a struggle with new unexpected opportunities.  I love getting to know the kids better and look forward to next year making our class even better.  I am continuing with my Montessori training with a residency this summer so next year will continue to be an adventure as I continue on this Montessori journey with your little peeps.

Ms. April

May 6-10

The Final Count down.

Hey Folks!

We are winding it up.  Last week we had an amazing Field trip and the kids were awesome! Thank you to all who help chaperone and come on the adventure!!

This week we are continuing with our study of the body.  State research will now be finish at home as a home project for those who have not completed their work.  Look for slips of paper telling what states your student is working on .

Thanks for all your patience and  help.

Ms. April

upcoming events

5/5-11/19 – 6th and 9th Grade Field Trips


5/13/19 – 5/18/19 – JH Open House

5/15/19 – Box Top Store

5/17/19 – Field Day (9-11am LE; 12-2pm UE)

5/17/19 – 9th Grade Graduation

5/20/10 – EC Bridging Ceremony

5/21/19 – LE Bridging Ceremony

5/21-24/19 – Early Release, PTCs

5/22/19 – UE Bridging Ceremony

5/23/19 – Crazy sock/and or hair day

5/24/19 – Wear favorite tie-dye/ and or sports team attire

5/24/19 – Last Day of School for Students

5/27/19 – School Closed