February 4- February 8


Thank you to those who have brought snack to the class. It is very much appreciated. Our snacks are low. If you are able, please sign up in  Track it forward for dates you can bring it in.

It’s official ! I, Ms. April will be the New lead teacher! I am so excited to take this role and have many exciting plans for the future of these amazing kids! Education is a lifelong process. It’s a journey and an adventure!

Let me share a little about myself so you know who you have in trusted your peeps to. I graduated from Weber State University with a BS degree. I have homeschooled for the past 14 years and taught in a local common wealth school classes in the U.S. Constitution, Shakespeare, Pyramid Project – finding truth through science and mathematics, and various sciences. Before that I headed up children classes for boys, “The Knights of Freedom”, and girls, “Liberty girls”.

When I am not in the classroom, I love learning from nature! I love hiking, backpacking, and biking. I love to learn about different cultures and have traveled a bit. I love art and music and dabble in both. My home is an ongoing art project!

This new adventure may have a few bumps in the beginning …middle….etc. But doesn’t every good adventure worth telling?! Thank you for joining me in this epic one!


I want to set clear expectations for the children that you as parents can help with  at home. We have work cycles that give the children plenty of time to complete a number of works. I will be going over these expectations and how your child is doing and how we as parent and mentor can help your child reach their potential. If you have not signed up for PT conferences, please do so or make arrangements with me.

This week:

Spelling: Words will be handed out Monday

Writing: I will be introducing a new writing program this week.  Lvl 1 will begin with copy work along with Narration exercises. Lvls 2 will have copy work, narration and dictation. Lvl 3 will be working with Narrations and dictation.

Cultural Studies: Lvl 1- Cardinal directions and standard measure of time.         Lvl 2 – Earthquakes and Roman #’s . Lvl3- Sun’s energy and Roman#’s.

Please ask questions about what and how they learned.

Thanks all !

Ms. April

Save the Date:

2/3/19 – Open Enrollment Closes

2/13/19 – PTCs, early release  https://trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/458053

2/14/19 – Valentines day! We will do a valentine exchange !

2/14/19 – PTCs, early release https://trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/458055

2/15/19 – PTCs, early release https://trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/458056

2/18/19 – School closed

2/19/19 – Classic Skate Night 5-8:30pm

2/20/19 – Box Top Store

2/21/19 – Parent Education Night: Executive Function

2/26/19 – School-wide Spelling Bee (more information to come)

2/25/19 – History Week

3/1/19 – MAPA Meeting 8:45am in the Main Conference Room/ski night at powder Mt.

3/11-15/19 – Literacy Week ( School-wide events)

3/12/19 – Literacy Night; 5:30-7:00pm at MMA

3/15/19 – Professional Development ( Early Release)

3/18/19 – Professional Development ( No School)

3/21/19 – The Ritchey Science and Engineering Fair; Dee Events Center

3/23/19 – State Spelling Bee in SLC

3/23/19 – 8th Annual Gala at Snowbasin; 7:00pm-9:00pm



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