January 14th-18th: Hooray for STEM Week!!!

Hello families!

We wanted to thank Henry’s mom Gloria for coming in to help out with work cycle Monday and bringing snack last week! We always appreciate your hep and support.
If you would like to sign up to bring snack please sing up on track it forward or let Ms. Taylor or Ms. April know so we can make note of it. Please keep in mind when it comes to snack we have to consider classroom allergies and we ask that no peanut-butter, nuts, or egg products come in! We always appreciate fresh fruit, crackers of any kind and pretzels seem to be a big hit.
To recap last week we had some really amazing science lessons with Ms. April about seeds and plant parts. We planted our own pea seeds in class and taped them to the window in zip top bags so we can watch them grow and develop. Feel free to come by and take a look, you can see them from the front of the school or come by the room and check it out! We had some great math lessons with the stamp game and have been working on a lot of review lately since we are still coming off of winter vacation brain. We watched a clip on the laws of motion, had a student presentation on it, and wrote about it for our weekly writing prompt. It was a busy week.
Some of you may have noticed that homework got sent home last week. The students are given several hours a day to practice the skills we learn in lessons and have daily expectations of work that is due in the morning and in the afternoon. I start the day by explaining what I need from them during the work cycle we are about to start, then I write it on the board and write what time it’s due (usually 11:15am or 2:15pm). April and I will circulate the room and check on works, as well as remind students of the work they need to complete and redirect students that are off task. To be perfectly transparent, I expect a math work, a language work, their spelling work for the day and if we have a writing prompt I do want them to work on that. If they finish, there are several other things listed on the board for them to work on. If they don’t finish I have begun sending home notices of works that are not completed for them to finish at home. It is not my intention to take up their afternoon with homework, and I always hate to send it, but April and I are in the process of teaching some accountability to our students about managing their time wisely. We appreciate your help and support as we learn together through this process. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact April or myself.
STEM Week:
STEM Week starts this week and we are so excited to be taking part in seeing all the projects throughout the school, going to fun and informative assemblies and have a real hands on experience and celebration of science! We have grade level planetarium assemblies going on at the school as well as chemistry lessons and Scales and Tales visiting Friday! All projects are due Friday, feel free to bring them in as you are finishing them and I can store them in my office.
Imagine Learning:
We have papers that are going to be coming home with your child’s imagine learning passwords and login information on it. The school wide expectation is that all students complete 45 minutes a week on these programs. We are working with them Tuesday mornings in class, but if students are able to work on it at home this would help out immensely! Please keep an eye out for this information! Hopefully it will be in their backpacks this week.

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