January 7-11

Hey everyone! Welcome to the second week of the new year!

Last week we did a lot of review about classroom rules, procedures, grace,  courtesy and what the expectation is. It was good to review after being gone for so long on winter break. A lot of amazing stories came back this last week. It was neat hearing about what everyone got up to over break.
This week we are back on our spelling words! The following is the list for this week:
Apple (beginning sounds only):
 whale, whistle, thimble, thorn, thought, whisker, thumb, wheel, thermos,   thirteen
Oranges: pot, dog, cot, hop, log, frog, top, jog, pop, hot
Bananas: three, shrink, threw, square, shrank, squash, squint, squawk, squeeze, throne
Limes: fruit, suit, bloom, broom, dude, smooth, built, juice, skunk, crust
Blueberries: claw, draw, haul, yawn, raw, drawn, shawl, haunt, law, vault,
Watermelon: total, novel, vowel, special, cancel, couple, pencil, jewel, metal, fragile
Plum: afterward, forearm, predate, afternoon, preseason, postseason, preposition, postwar, preoccupied, foreword,
A letter/email was sent home to all families about home projects, if you have not begun work on them yet please do so. If you need more information please feel free to contact Mrs. Taylor. Our work continues in class with laws of motion and simple machines this week. We have several discussions, short video clips, and writing prompts to help cement these theories coming up.
Our two grace and courtesy goals this week are focusing on yourself & Ignoring Distractions. We work on one for two days and then move on learning why it’s important and how we can help be better people.
Some of you have asked about volunteering in the classroom. We thank you so much for your continued support. If we have opportunities become available we will be sure to publish them on track it forward and accompany it with an email. If you wish to help out you can always sign up to bring snack, information can be found on this at the same website:
Calendar items:

1/8/19 – MMA Board Meeting

1/10/19 – End of 2nd Quarter

1/11/19 – School closed for Students, All day professional learning

1/14/19 – STEM Week begins

1/18/19 – Intent to Return Closes/ Home Projects Due

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