Field Day

This Friday is field day.

Currently, the children are working to keep the privilege of participating in field day.

Behavior and productivity are at a low because it’s near the end of the school year,.  I have written on the board FIELD DAY and when continuous reminders to work quietly (not even silently), complete assigned tasks and respect other people’s right to work,  are ignored a letter gets erased.  Students are down to “F” currently.   If they lose the last letter, they will have lost the privilege of field day.  Unfortunately, it’s the only thing that is seeming to motivate them right now.

If your child talks about field day, please take the opportunity to remind them that it is a privilege.

Ms. Kari and I are mindful that it is near the end of the year, and we aren’t asking for perfection, just respect and best efforts.

End of Year Conferences

Please sign up for our final conferences of the school year using the  link at the end of this post.   The dates for the conferences are Tuesday, May 21, Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday, May 23.    Because I am working on a Math Endorsement through the USBE and Weber State University, conferences will end at 3:30, May 23.  Please sign up early in order to secure a conference time that works best for your schedule.

These conferences are student-led.  Please plan on having your child attend this conference with you.

Spring Conference Sign Ups




RISE Assessment

UT state standardized assessments (now called RISE and Aspire Plus) will be on the follwing days for our class.

Thursday, April 18 9:00-12:00 – Science

Monday, April 29 9:00-12:00 – ELA

Wednesday, May 1 12:00-3:00 – Math

Thursday, May 9 9:00-12:00 – Writing (5th grade only)

These assessments are important to us for several reasons.

The state assessment data are important to your family because the results are one way to communicate how much your child has learned in English language arts, writing, math, and science. At MMA, we know that these tests are but one indicator of a child’s progress in these content areas.

The state assessment data are important to us because determining what a student knows or does not know is a vital cornerstone in individualizing learning experiences, which is the basis of a Montessori education. The results help us to identify needs for new and additional materials, tailor professional development for teachers, and determine where to best invest school funding.

Taking tests is a practical life skill, required for college entrance as well many professions. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, contractors, nurses, and cosmetologists (to name just a few) all must take tests in order to enter their professions. Standardized testing in school provides a valuable opportunity to practice taking tests in a low-stakes environment, better preparing our students for future assessments – which is why we encourage all students to participate.

If you choose to opt your child out of testing, please complete the Parent Exclusion from State Assessments Form. This form must be handed from you to either Ms. Lana or Ms. René, who will take 5 minutes to review this form with you. We ask that these forms are submitted no later than April 12th. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Design-an-Ad Contest Voting is OPEN!

Three of our student ads were chosen for the public voting period in the Standard Examiner Design an Ad contest.

You may vote once a day for the duration of the contest (through April 14).  Please share the link with friends and family who may be interested!

Congratulations to our students whose designs were selected!




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Spring Has Sprung!

The birds are singing, the pollen and pollinators are are flying, and warmer weather is right around the corner.

I hope you all have taken the opportunity to spend lots of time outside when the weather allowed, and lots of time engaging with each other inside when the weather was a bit less conducive to being out.

School starts again Monday, April 8 and we have a lot on our plates.   In order for your child to do their best, they need lots of rest and a predictable schedule.  Please help your child get back on a school schedule this weekend so they can be their best selves.  The expectations for work and behavior in the class have not changed, and we will begin our day Monday reviewing the rules and practicing grace and courtesy.

With the passing of Spring Break, we enter RISE testing season.  Although, as a teacher, I understand end of year testing is but one piece of the puzzle that shows student growth and progress, it is a very important piece.  Rushing through or guessing because he/she wants to have “free time” does not benefit your child.  In fact, it makes it more difficult to evaluate what they know and don’t know.

Within the classroom Ms. Kari and I try to maintain a relaxed approach to these exams.  This does not mean we do not take the exam seriously, nor does it mean we expect your child to do less than their best.  Please make sure you have a serious conversation with your child about doing their best on these exams.   Support your child with healthy meals, plenty of rest and opportunities to talk about what they are doing in the classroom.  The more opportunities you take with your child to apply what he/she is learning, the better understanding they will have.


Thursday, April 18 9:00-12:00 – Science

Monday, April 29 9:00-12:00 – ELA

Wednesday, May 1 12:00-3:00 – Math

Thursday, May 9 9:00-12:00 – Writing (5th grade only)